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Asst / Assoc / Professor of Medicine

Posted by on 7 February 2024

Job type: Academic - General

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

The Indiana University School of Medicine is seeking a faculty member at any rank for a tenure track position.  The candidate should be a creative, independent and energetic individual to direct the Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy (ICBM), a 25-year-old core facility whose mission is to promote the effective use of advanced forms of optical microscopy by Indiana University researchers.
The Director will lead a team that provides state-of-art microscopy capabilities to more than 70 Indiana University investigators,100 NIH-funded projects and 3 NIH Centers.  As described on the Center website, (http://web.medicine.iupui.edu/icbm/) the ICBM is equipped with two Leica confocal/multiphoton microscopes, an Olympus confocal/multiphoton microscope, an ISS Fast-FLIM/confocal system, a Nikon live-cell spinning disk confocal microscope, two Akoya Phenocycler (CODEX) multiplexing microscope systems and a Keyence BZX800 high-content/high-throughput imaging system.  Quantitative image analysis is supported with four computer workstations devoted to image analysis (Metamorph, FIJI, Autoquant, Imaris, Halo and Amira).
A major focus of the Center is to extend services beyond conventional microscopy, to help investigators implement powerful, but challenging imaging methods, including intravital microscopy, 3D tissue cytometry and advanced methods of image and data analysis.  This is a tenure-track position, and while individuals with funded research programs are welcome to apply, promotion and tenure will primarily be evaluated by the success of the director in the missions to (1) ensure that the ICBM supports the microscopy needs of Indiana University investigators, and (2) actively identify and implement powerful new techniques that will extend their research capabilities.  In addition to a strong background in microscopy and image analysis, successful candidates are expected to have excellent interpersonal skills, and a sincere commitment to customer service.
The successful candidate will be expected to
1.    Oversee Center operations, supervising two full-time PhD imaging specialists, who manage Center services, equipment maintenance, system repairs and service billing.
2.    Interact and collaborate with an active community of researchers; provide expert advice in experimental design, facilitate development of new techniques and participate in the preparation of manuscripts.
3.    Contribute to proposals for research funding; help researchers identify appropriate imaging approaches, facilitate the collection of crucial preliminary data and provide text and letters of support.
4.    Develop and realize a strategic vision for service development based upon advances in technology and the evolving needs of the Indiana University research community.
5.    Prepare internal and external grants for acquisition of new imaging equipment.
6.    Promote the development and support the operation of novel microscopy cores for NIH Center grants.
7.    Promote the opportunities of the Center through targeted seminars presented to IU research groups.
8.    Develop informational materials and teach in microscopy workshops.

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