Pointing a tiny telescope at the microcosmos

Posted by , on 8 May 2023

I recently published a paper that takes inspiration from both the design of telescopes and the eyes of scallops to come up with a novel way of building multi-immersion microscope objectives  (F. Voigt et al, Nature Biotechnology, 2023). Bringing together ideas from fields that usually do not communicate with each other resulted in the most

If you license it, it'll be harder to steal it. Why we should license our work

Posted by , on 6 May 2023

TL;DR: When we publish work such as manuscripts, code and data, the platforms we publish on typically ask to select license. If we find a nice figure on the internet, are we allowed to reuse it? If there is no copyright statement, am I stealing? If code is available open-source, can we incorporate it into

Feature extraction in napari

Posted by , on 3 May 2023

This blog post revolves around extracting and selecting features from segmented images. We will define the terms feature extraction and selection. Also, we will learn how to categorize features and can look up specific features in a glossary. Furthermore, we will explore how to extract features in napari. Definition of feature extraction During feature extraction,

Focussing on the past, the present and the future

Posted by , on 3 May 2023

In Issue 8 of Journal of Cell Science, FocalPlane Community Manager Helen Zenner and Journal of Cell Science Executive Editor Seema Grewal share their Editorial reviewing the growth of FocalPlane since our launch in 2020. We reflect on the progress that FocalPlane has made over the last three years and look forward to what is

Microscopy preprints – new tools and techniques in imaging and bioimage analysis

Posted by , on 3 May 2023

Here is a curated selection of preprints published recently. This post is a bumper edition, featuring preprints on bioimage analysis and new tools and techniques in imaging.

An interview with Pamela Durán

Posted by , on 2 May 2023

MiniBio: Dr. Pamela Duran Toledo is a lecturer at Universidad Mayor de San Andres, where her main focus is infectious diseases and parasitology. She started her career of Clinical Laboratories before entering the field of parasitology. Her work has been developed in various institutions including Universidad del Siglo XX in Potosi, as well as INSAD

Leveraging biophysics to push the limits of investigating RNAs in cells: Riboglow-FLIM, a breakthrough tool for visualizing RNAs in live mammalian cells

Posted by , on 1 May 2023

Nadia Sarfraz1, Esther Braselmann1* 1 Department of Chemistry, Georgetown University, Washington, District of Columbia, USA *corresponding author Ribonucleic acids (RNAs) play a critical role in cellular function. Visualizing RNAs in space and time in the context of living cells is critical to advance our understanding of biological processes in health and disease.1 Recently, our

Scientific Data Analysis: User Documentation 101

Posted by , on 30 April 2023

TL;DR: When publishing open-source tools for bio-image analysis special emphasis should be put on user-documentation. Users and developers have a different background and a language barrier limits knowledge exchange on how to use tools correctly. Writing a good user guide is a huge opportunity and worth the effort: Users get the most out of their

Conference Tips from the yDGE

Posted by , on 26 April 2023

About yDGE DGE Young Microscopists, abbreviated yDGE, is a working group within the German Society for Electron Microscopy (DGE) for students, doctoral researchers, as well as early-career post-doctoral researchers and professionals. In January 2022, we started as a small (but all the more motivated) group of peers. Our vision was, and still is, to promote

An interview with Microscopía Para Todos leaders: Licyel Paulas, Micaela Mendieta, Pamela Perez, Alejandra Guzman

Posted by , on 25 April 2023

MiniBios: Licyel Lenny Paulas Condori is a master’s student in the Interuniversity Molecular Biology Program organized by Vrije Universiteit Brussels, KU Leuven, and Universiteit Antwerpen (Belgium). She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Universidad Mayor de San Simón where she graduated with academic excellence. She has been awarded different scholarships and grants from the