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Scientific field: Cell biology

Microscopy background: Image Analysis

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Fast4DReg - to the rescue of your drifty microscopy data

Posted by , on 10 March 2023

Fast4DReg to the rescue of your 4D microscopy data In life sciences, researchers use microscopes to study living organisms, such as cells or small animals. These live cell imaging experiments are usually performed over several hours, exposing the experiment to changes in the sample and in the microscope surroundings – causing the data to drift.

If you can detect it, you can track it - recent TrackMate developments

Posted by , on 17 February 2022

TrackMate is your buddy for your everyday tracking  TrackMate (Tinevez et al., 2017) is an open-source Fiji plugin initially made for tracking single particles imaged with fluorescence microscopes. It has now been updated to include a collection of new detectors and direct implementation of deep-learning models (Ershov, Phan, Pylvänäinen, Rigaud et al., 2021). In addition