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Recent posts

Interview with Joel Lüthi and Virginie Uhlmann

Posted by , on 12 June 2024

At the end of 2023, the BioVisionCenter, a new hub for bioimage analysis, was launched with a kick-off symposium in Zurich. We caught up with Joel Lüthi, Head of Research and Development, and Virginie Uhlmann, the center Director, to find out more about the BioVisionCenter, how they each got into bioimage analysis and their advice

And the winner is…

Posted by , on 7 June 2024

In an exciting turn of events, we are delighted to announce that the winner of the FocalPlane/elmi (European Light Microscopy Initiative) is the electron micrograph, ‘Glorious Lymphocyte’ from Rossana Melo! The image shows a leukocyte (lymphocyte) trapped among aggregates of red blood cells in a small lung vessel of a patient with asthma. The image

FocalPlane/elmi2024 image competition – vote for your favourite

Posted by , on 3 June 2024

Thanks to everyone who entered our FocalPlane/elmi2024 image competition, we were delighted to receive so many wonderful entries. The organisers of elmi2024 and the JCS team have shortlisted 10 images for our public vote.

STED User Group (New Meeting, BINA/Canada BioImaging)

Posted by , on 3 June 2024

BioImaging North America and Canada BioImaging are organizing a new STED user group. The first meeting will take place via Zoom on June 13 at 12 pm EST. This user group is targeted at users of all experience levels, and aims to give all members of the community a chance to share technical know-how by facilitating open discussion.

Microscopy preprints – applications in biology

Posted by , on 31 May 2024

Here is a curated selection of preprints published recently. In this post, we share preprints, released before 24 May, that use microscopy tools to answer questions in biology.

Featured image with Jen Silverman

Posted by , on 24 May 2024

Our featured image, acquired by Jen Silverman, shows a lateral view of a tuft cell taken from a frozen tissue section and imaged using structured illumination microscopy (SIM). F-actin, labelled using phalloidin, is shown in cyan and an actin bundling protein enriched in tuft cells is shown in orange. Reconstruction of the image was performed

FocalPlane features… open microscopy and accessible workflows

Posted by , on 21 May 2024

The third webinar in the latest series of FocalPlane features… was on open microscopy and accessible workflows. We hosted fantastic talks from Richard Bowman, Jan Huisken and Dumisile Lumkwana. Richard told us about the OpenFlexure project. As well as discussing the microscopes and their application, Richard highlighted the importance of community building to promote access

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Image credits

Neuromuscular junctions – Rebecca Simkins

Mitochondria and microtubules – Till Stephan

Mammary gland organoid – Oona Paavolainen

Dopaminergic neuron – Nick Gatford

CLEM HeLa cell – Marie-Charlotte Domart, Chris Peddie

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