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This image of a maximum intensity projection of an E10.5 live mouse embryo was submitted by Sarah Rubin. Taken by light sheet microscopy, the image shows the early stages of skeletal development. In green, Sox9 lineage cells, the earliest marker for skeletal development, can be observed in the somites and face. The surrounding embryonic tissues can be seen in red. Over the course of several days Sox9 lineage cells undergo initial patterning to form the mold for the future skeleton.

Sarah is a PhD candidate in Prof. Elazar Zelzer’s lab in the Weizmann Institute of Science, where she studies cell morphogenesis in embryonic growth plates during development and disease. She previously obtained her MSc in the Zelzer lab, studying morphogenesis of post-natal mouse bones. 

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Posted by , on 27 July 2021

Here is a selection of interesting news, publications and discussions related to microscopy that happened in the past month. Thank you to our ‘FocalPlane reporters’: Martin Jones, Manish Kumar, Andrey Andreev and Parash Prasad who helped us create this list. Twitter Microscopes and imaging tools: Realising design flaws are unpleasant, but save a lot of

FocalPlane features… Eva Nogales

Posted by , on 21 July 2021

In case you missed ‘FocalPlane features…’ this month, here is the recording of the webinar given by Eva Nogales on Tuesday 6 July 2021.

From EUBIAS to NEUBIAS Academy: from trainee to trainer, how to fall in love with a community!

Posted by , on 20 July 2021

During my university time at physics, I specialised in biophysics and started to approach advanced microscopy, but my idea of measurement had always been connected with other instruments’ readouts, not exclusively images. Once obtained my MSc, I started to work in an imaging facility at IFOM (Milan), as a microscopist, becoming later also in charge

FocalPlane Image Competition

Posted by , on 19 July 2021

FocalPlane turned one on Thursday 1 July 2021, and we are organising a new image competition to celebrate it with you. Submit your favourite images acquired using any microscopy modality. All the images submitted will be featured on FocalPlane and will be voted on by the community. The image with the most votes will be

Andor and Akoya Biosciences to Collaborate in Spatial Omics market

Sponsored by Andor, on 8 July 2021

ANDOR, a global manufacturer of high performance scientific cameras, spectrographs and microscopy systems, is pleased to announce a co-marketing agreement with Akoya Biosciences Inc., The Spatial Biology Company®. Under this agreement the companies will support their mutual user base within Akoya’s Imaging Innovators (I2) Network. Andor Dragonfly high speed confocal products combined with Akoya’s CODEX® solution

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