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Embryonic dorsal root ganglia

Dorsal root ganglia are constituted of sensory neurons devoted to detect somatic features such as touch and pain. They transmit these peripheral informations to the central nervous system by targeting spinal cord interneurons. This image shows dorsal root ganglia projecting their roots to the spinal cord. The image is a color-depth coded immunostaining of the neurofilament Peripherin in a E13.5 murine embryo cleared with the SeeDB protocol. Images were acquired on a LSM710 confocal microscope and processed with Fiji. By Simon Desiderio

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Enter the Scottish Microscopy Society’s Christmas Image Competition

Posted by , on 30 November 2022

The Scottish Microscopy Society’s (SMS) Image Competition is back, this year with a Christmas twist. There are four categories, each with a £50 prize to be won. FocalPlane are delighted to be sponsoring the Christmas Cracker category, where you can submit images or videos with a seasonal flavour.

An interview with Alenka Lovy

Posted by , on 27 November 2022

MiniBio: Dr. Alenka Lovy is anAssistant Professor at the Center for Integrative Biology (CIB) and in charge of LiSIUM, LightSheet Imaging at Universidad Mayor. where together with a team of researchers, she is introducing this novel platform to the Latin American region. Alenka is originally from the Czech Republic. She did her early studies in

News digest

Posted by , on 25 November 2022

Here is a selection of interesting news, publications and discussions related to microscopy that happened in the last two weeks on Twitter and beyond.

Young Microscopists and Image Analysts in GerBI

Posted by , on 25 November 2022

To make microscopy techniques and image analysis more accessible to young researchers in Germany, the German BioImaging Society ( is setting up a new team for Young Microscopists and Image Analysts (YMIA). If you’re interested: Check out the full invitation below and feel free to share this in institutions across Germany. Spread the word and

An interview with Luis Felipe Barros

Posted by , on 22 November 2022

MiniBio: Dr. Felipe Barros is currently a group leader at the Center for Scientific Studies CECs and Professor at Universidad San Sebastián, in Valdivia, Chile, where him and his group study the flux of energy within cells in the context of metabolism, using and developing novel methods of fluorescence microscopy. Felipe obtained his MD and

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