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Embryonic dorsal root ganglia

Dorsal root ganglia are constituted of sensory neurons devoted to detect somatic features such as touch and pain. They transmit these peripheral informations to the central nervous system by targeting spinal cord interneurons. This image shows dorsal root ganglia projecting their roots to the spinal cord. The image is a color-depth coded immunostaining of the neurofilament Peripherin in a E13.5 murine embryo cleared with the SeeDB protocol. Images were acquired on a LSM710 confocal microscope and processed with Fiji. By Simon Desiderio

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Antibodies have been used to label proteins of interest since the 1970s. However, their large size (around 15 nm long for IgG) makes the penetration of dense structures within the cell a challenge and places the fluorophore away from the target protein. This latter issue, known as a ‘linkage error’, particularly impacts accuracy and precision

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