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The apical surface of epithelial cells is thrown into laterally long actin rich protrusions, termed microridges. The image depicts microridges on the epidermal cells in a 3-day old zebrafish embryo which function as actin reservoirs to help in mucous retention and abrasion resistance.

The image was submitted to FocalPlane by Shivali Dongre who’s done her Bachelor’s and Master’s in India.  She did her Master’s by research at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research at Prof. Mahendra Sonawane‘s lab, where she worked on the interplay between polarity and adhesion in the zebrafish epidermis. Since January 2021, she has joined the Vastenhouw Group at the Centre for Integrated Genomics, University of Lausanne for her PhD. 

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Going virtual: the successful experience of the I2K2020 conference

Posted by , on 1 March 2021

The ‘ImageJ User and Developer Conference’ was conceived as a conference about ImageJ-based bioimage analysis software, covering the core software as well as its plugins and applications. These conferences were held approximately every two years from 2006 through 2015. In 2018, the conference changed its name to ‘From Images to Knowledge with ImageJ & Friends

Introducing our new Community Manager

Posted by , on 15 February 2021

Hello FocalPlane community! My name is Esperanza and I recently joined the Journal of Cell Science team as the new FocalPlane Community Manager. As a cell biologist, I have always been interested in visualising cellular processes. My interest in microscopy started during my PhD in the laboratory of Dr David Garcia-Dorado at Vall d’Hebron Research

LSFM series – Part IV: Data post-processing: Cropping, tailoring, and trimming

Posted by , on 23 January 2021

Elisabeth Kugler 1 and Emmanuel G. Reynaud 2; There is a very thin sheet of light between gathering data and hoarding. In Science, between pilling up manuscripts on desk, books on shelves and samples in cold freezer, most of us fit in the latter category. It is OK, if you have space available

Technology highlights – Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI)

Posted by , on 20 January 2021

Interview with Helena Chmelová, Ph.D. from the Light Microscopy Core facility at the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself – where you work, what your research focus is? I work at the Light Microscopy Core Facility at the Institute of

The story behind ZeroCostDL4Mic, or How to get started with using Deep Learning for your microscopy data

Posted by , on 18 January 2021

We all hear again and again about Deep Learning (DL), how great it is, how it’s going to revolutionise science, engineering, medicine and work. But where and how is this all happening? If you wonder how you could get started on thinking, let alone using DL on your microscopy data, look no further, we have

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