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Thursday 16 MayFocalPlane features… open microscopy and accessible workflows with Richard Bowman, Jan Huisken and Dumisile Lumkwana

Dates TBC:

FocalPlane features… data management

FocalPlane features… reproducibility

FocalPlane features… citizen science

Past events

Watch our previous FocalPlane features…recorded webinars.

25 April 2024 – FocalPlane features… microscopy education with Jennifer Waters and Robert Haase

7 March 2024 FocalPlane features… microscopy-based outreach with Paola Moreno-Roman and Martin Jones

11 January 2024 – ‘A deep dive into biomolecular condensates using single-molecule FRET’ Samrat Mukhopadhyay – co-hosted with PicoQuant

30 June 2022 – Quantitative Phase Imaging: Zuzana Nováková, Patrick McCall and Jan Balvan

16 February 2022 – Machine Learning: Ricardo Henriques,  Estibaliz Gómez de Mariscal and Martin Weigert.

17 January 2022 – CLEM: Yannick Schwab, Ori Avinoam and Alexandra Pacureanu.

8 November 2021 – Data Analysis for Volume EM: Anna Kreshuk, Dagmar Kainmueller and Jan Funke.

3 August 2021 – ‘Super-resolution insights into the immune response’ Michael Dustin, University of Oxford.

6 July 2021 – ‘Cryo-EM as a tool to study microtubule structure and microtubule-associated proteins binding’ Eva Nogales, UC Berkeley.

1 June 2021 – ‘Light sheet microscopy: What is it good for?’ Pavel Tomancak, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics.

4 May 2021 – ‘Emerging imaging technologies to study cell architecture, dynamics and funcion’ Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, Janelia Research Campus.

Banner image credits

COS cells, super-resolution microscopy – Christophe Leterrier

Breast xenograft tumor tissue, two-photon microscopy – Battuya Bayarmagnai

Bacterium cryo-electron tomogram segmentation – Kanika Khanna

Solanum citrullifolium flower, scanning electron microscopy – Casper van der Kooi

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Updated on 13 May 2024