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After a short break, our webinar series FocalPlane features… returned on November 2021 with a new format. Every month, FocalPlane features… focuses on a specific microscopy topic. Each seminar now hosts three speakers: an invited speaker who is a specialist on the topic and who gives an overview of the field, and two additional speakers (usually junior PIs), invited by the specialist, who talk about their research. The talks are hosted in Remo, our browser-based conferencing platform (read our guide to using Remo). Following the Q&A session, we host a more informal session especially designed for early-career researchers to meet the speakers. In order to facilitate the conversation, a maximum of 7 people meet with each speaker at a time. During this session, we have two more ‘tables’ available if you are waiting: one for FocalPlane, hosted by Community Manager Esperanza Agullo-Pascual, and another for Journal of Cell Science Editors, so you also have the chance to meet and speak with us if you would like to.

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Join us on Monday 17 January to learn more about Correlative Light Electron Microscopy (CLEM)

Future events

16 February – Machine learning: Ricardo Henriques, Estibaliz Gómez de Mariscal, Martin Weigert

Past events

If you missed FocalPlane features… you can still watch the recorded webinars.

8 November 2021 – Data Analysis for Volume EM: Anna Kreshuk, Dagmar Kainmueller and Jan Funke.

3 August 2021 – ‘Super-resolution insights into the immune response’ Michael Dustin, University of Oxford.

6 July 2021 – ‘Cryo-EM as a tool to study microtubule structure and microtubule-associated proteins binding’ Eva Nogales, UC Berkeley.

1 June 2021 – ‘Light sheet microscopy: What is it good for?’ Pavel Tomancak, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics.

4 May 2021 – ‘Emerging imaging technologies to study cell architecture, dynamics and funcion’ Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, Janelia Research Campus.

How to use Remo

Joining the seminar

The conference centre will open five minutes before the start of the webinar and we recommend using the Chrome browser to take part.

To join, first click the link in the email you’ll receive on the day of the webinar, then register or log in to Remo and click ‘Join Event’. Please allow access to your webcam and microphone and carry out the system check before joining. Passing these checks avoids technical problems during the discussion session. Note that your webcam and microphone will not be shared during the presentations.

Once you enter the conference centre, you’ll see some introductory slides, which will play (without sound) until the FocalPlane Community Manager introduces the session. During this time, you can create your profile – add a photo and some personal information if you want. You can also put any questions to the organisers via the chat. If you want to leave the event at any point, either click ‘Quit Event’ or simply close your browser window.

Watching the webinar

The webinar will begin after the FocalPlane Community Manager introductory remarks. Please use the Q&A tab to ask the speaker questions during or at the end of the talk. After the talk, the Chair will host a live Q&A session using these questions. For a more interactive discussion with the speaker, we encourage you to use the ‘Raise Hand’ icon if you would like to ask your question directly to the speaker. The Chair will bring you to the stage and your camera and microphone will turn on for you to speak. You can also upvote other participants’ questions in the Q&A tab by clicking the up arrow on the individual question.

Meet-the-speaker session and virtual networking

Once the Q&A finishes, you’ll be transferred into the Remo conference centre, which will be open for an hour or so to give you the chance to meet the speaker, the FocalPlane Community Manager and the Journal of Cell Science team, as well as other participants.

You’ll find yourself on a table with up to seven other people – you’ll only see the video feeds of everyone on the table (Remo works best if camera and mic are switched on). If you want to move tables, simply double click on the table you want to go to. Be aware that new people can drop into your table at any time unless the table is full. You’ll hear a ‘knock, knock’ noise when someone is joining your table.

You’ll also find the lift on the left of the screen, which you can use to move between floors. The ‘Meet the speaker’ table as well as FocalPlane and ‘Meet the Editors’ tables will be located on the first floor.

Remember that the ‘meet the speaker’ session is especially designed for early-career researchers, so please be considerate and let them join first the speaker’s table. The table has only 7 seats available in order to facilitate the conversation of the group. Depending on the number of participants willing to meet the speaker, we will set rounds of 10-15 minutes with the speaker. Once the time is over, an announcement will pop-up in Remo asking the participants at the table to leave their spot. Please move to a different table and let other participants join the speaker’s table.


The majority of issues can be solved by refreshing your browser. Have you given permission for your browser to use your camera and mic? You can always ask for help during the session in the Chat, or email us afterwards at to let us know about any problems you weren’t able to resolve.

Banner image credits

COS cells, super-resolution microscopy – Christophe Leterrier

Breast xenograft tumor tissue, two-photon microscopy – Battuya Bayarmagnai

Bacterium cryo-electron tomogram segmentation – Kanika Khanna

Solanum citrullifolium flower, scanning electron microscopy – Casper van der Kooi

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Updated on 23 December 2021