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An interview with Erick Hernandez Renjifo

Posted by , on 5 December 2023

MiniBio: Dr. Erick Hernandez Renjifo leads the Materials Analysis team at the Institute of OMICAS research at Universidad Javeriana de Cali, Colombia. Erick started his career in Materials Sciences at Universidad del Valle. He has had a versatile career in both, academia, and industry, where he worked at a copper steelworks factory and a car

An interview with Laura Daza

Posted by , on 28 November 2023

MiniBio: Laura Daza just finished her PhD at CinfonIA, at Universidad de los Andes in Colombia. During her doctorate degree, she has worked in a variety of projects ranging from Computer Vision to image and data analysis. She studied Biomedical Engineering at Universidad de los Andes, where she first found her passion for Image Analysis.

An interview with Sebastian Lourido

Posted by , on 21 November 2023

MiniBio: Prof. Sebastian Lourido is a tenured professor at the Whitehead Institute and the Faculty of Biology at MIT in Boston, USA. He began his studies in Colombia, and from an early age developed an interest for the natural world. Seeking versatility in his undergraduate degree, he went to Tulane, in the USA, where he

An interview with Iván Rey

Posted by , on 14 November 2023

MiniBio: Iván Rey Suarez is a postdoctoral associate at a joined position at Universidad de los Andes in Colombia, and the Institute for Physical Science and Technology (IPST) at the University of Maryland, where he focuses on studying the mechanobiology of the cytoskeleton. Iván developed a passion for nature and for physics since an early

An interview with Manuela Aguirre Botero

Posted by , on 31 October 2023

MiniBio: Manuela Aguirre Botero is a PhD student at Institut Pasteur, where she uses intravital microscopy and multiple other imaging methods to explore Plasmodium interactions with its hosts. Manuela started her career in Medellín, Colombia, where she studied at the German School, and first found her passion for science. She joined the University of Heidelberg for her

An interview with Zayra Garavito Aguilar

Posted by , on 19 September 2023

MiniBio: Prof. Zayra Garavito is a principal investigator at Universidad de los Andes, in the Department of Biological Sciences. She began her career in Colombia, where already at a young age she discovered her interest for processes and mechanisms of regeneration. She became a young investigator at the Institute of Science in Colombia, and later

An interview with Helen Spiers

Posted by , on 18 September 2023

Citizen science is a fantastic way to engage the public with scientific research by getting them involved with real research projects. For scientists, the power of the crowd can help them overcome analysis bottlenecks that might otherwise slow the pace of their research. Martin Jones and Lucy Collinson, from the Crick Electron Microscopy Science Technology

'How they started with Euro-BioImaging & Global BioImaging (GBI) ?'

Posted by , on 14 September 2023

As a continuation to the series of blogs called “how it started…”, where we shed light on the journey through the origins of various imaging communities around the world, we speak to Euro-BioImaging and GBI. Our mission for this series is simple yet powerful – by learning about the visions and goals of these communities,

An interview with Manuel Forero

Posted by , on 12 September 2023

MiniBio: Prof. Manuel Forero is a professor and principal investigator at Universidad de Ibagué, in Colombia, where he focuses on pattern recognition, and the development of image processing and machine learning techniques for biomedical and microscopy applications. He graduated as an Electrical Engineer from Universidad Javeriana, in Bogotá, Colombia. He went on to pursue MSc

An interview with Federico Brown

Posted by , on 29 August 2023

MiniBio: MiniBio: Prof. Federico Brown is currently a principal investigator at Universidade de São Paulo in Brazil, where he focuses on evolutionary and developmental biology. Federico began his career in Ecuador, where he worked as an undergraduate in the lab of Prof. Eugenia del Pino. This is where he first found his passion for EvoDevo,