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An interview with Zayra Garavito Aguilar

Posted by , on 19 September 2023

MiniBio: Prof. Zayra Garavito is a principal investigator at Universidad de los Andes, in the Department of Biological Sciences. She began her career in Colombia, where already at a young age she discovered her interest for processes and mechanisms of regeneration. She became a young investigator at the Institute of Science in Colombia, and later

An interview with Helen Spiers

Posted by , on 18 September 2023

Citizen science is a fantastic way to engage the public with scientific research by getting them involved with real research projects. For scientists, the power of the crowd can help them overcome analysis bottlenecks that might otherwise slow the pace of their research. Martin Jones and Lucy Collinson, from the Crick Electron Microscopy Science Technology

'How they started with Euro-BioImaging & Global BioImaging (GBI) ?'

Posted by , on 14 September 2023

As a continuation to the series of blogs called “how it started…”, where we shed light on the journey through the origins of various imaging communities around the world, we speak to Euro-BioImaging and GBI. Our mission for this series is simple yet powerful – by learning about the visions and goals of these communities,

An interview with Manuel Forero

Posted by , on 12 September 2023

MiniBio: Prof. Manuel Forero is a professor and principal investigator at Universidad de Ibagué, in Colombia, where he focuses on pattern recognition, and the development of image processing and machine learning techniques for biomedical and microscopy applications. He graduated as an Electrical Engineer from Universidad Javeriana, in Bogotá, Colombia. He went on to pursue MSc

An interview with Federico Brown

Posted by , on 29 August 2023

MiniBio: MiniBio: Prof. Federico Brown is currently a principal investigator at Universidade de São Paulo in Brazil, where he focuses on evolutionary and developmental biology. Federico began his career in Ecuador, where he worked as an undergraduate in the lab of Prof. Eugenia del Pino. This is where he first found his passion for EvoDevo,

An interview with Mario Del Rosario

Posted by , on 22 August 2023

MiniBio: Dr. Mario Del Rosario is currently a postdoctoral scientist in the lab of Prof. Ricardo Henriques at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencias, in Oeiras, Portugal. Mario completed his undergraduate studies at Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral, where he studied for a BSc in Biology. He then did a Maters in Research in Biomedical Sciences at

An interview with Santiago Casado

Posted by , on 15 August 2023

MiniBio: Dr. Santiago Casado is a Chemical Physicist currently working as a Deputy division leader at the Facultad de Ciencia e Ingeniería en Alimentos y Biotecnología Research Department at Universidad Técnica de Ambato, in Ecuador. Dr. Casado studied his undergraduate degree in Physics in Universidad de Cantabria, in Santander, Spain. He then studied his PhD

An interview with Samira Vera

Posted by , on 8 August 2023

MiniBio: Samira is a PhD student in the lab of Mohammed Mostajo at University of California at Santa Cruz, in the USA, where she focuses on neurophysiology and in open science and open education. She started her career in Peru, where she completed her BSc in Genetics and Biotechnology at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San

An interview with Eugenia del Pino

Posted by , on 1 August 2023

MiniBio: Prof. Eugenia del Pino began her career in Ecuador studying to become a science teacher. Later, she was awarded two prestigious scholarships that allowed her to do her postgraduate studies in the USA. She first did her Master’s Degree at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York already focusing in cell biology. She then did

The FocalPlane correspondents: Marta Forcella

Posted by , on 26 July 2023

At the beginning of the year, we announced that we will be working with three FocalPlane correspondents, who will be helping us to develop and write content for FocalPlane. We caught up with each of them to chat about their research backgrounds and the topics that they’re excited to write about. Here, we talk to