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FocalPlane organises regular Journal Club meetings on Zoom. Microscopy-related papers are presented and discussed in a relaxed atmosphere.

This season we have a poll opened for you to suggest papers or preprints you think we should discuss. We’ll rank the most popular and invite the people that suggested them to present the paper. In order to engage the presenters and facilitate the networking between all of you, we’ll try to group two or three people to prepare and present the paper. 

Read the testimonials from our presenters and join us for an opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions on microscopy with your peers.

Confirmed Journal Club meetings


Journal Club archive

15 July 2020 – Bojana Gligorijevic presenting ‘Invadopodia-mediated ECM degradation is enhanced in the G1 phase of the cell cycle‘.

1 July 2020 – Gautam Dey and SiânCulley presenting ‘FMNL2 regulates dynamics of fascin in filopodia‘.

16 June 2020 – Mariana De Niz presenting ‘Toolbox for In Vivo Imaging of Host–Parasite Interactions at Multiple Scales‘.

27 May 2020 – Wiebke Jahr presenting ‘Instantaneous isotropic volumetric imaging of fast biological processes‘.

20 May 2020 – Kleo Pullin presenting ‘SARS-CoV-2 productively infects human gut enterocytes‘.

13 May 2020 – Wilson Adams presenting ‘Super multiplexed vibrational imaging‘.

16 September 2020 – Elisabeth Kugler presenting ‘3D quantification of zebrafish cerebrovascular architecture by automated image analysis of light sheet fluorescence microscopy datasets‘.[recording coming soon]

30 September 2020 – Wilson Adams presenting ‘Video-rate volumetric functional imaging of the brain at synaptic resolution‘.[recording coming soon]

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