Alex Mastrogiannopoulos

I am a Wellcome Trust funded PhD student in the Piddini Lab at the University of Bristol. Our lab is interested in using drosophila genetic tools and microscopy to better understand the cell biology underlying the process of cell competition. I got an undergraduate MSci degree at King's College London where I picked up my love for confocal imaging and cell biology through our lectures and my research project in the Sanz-Moreno lab (now at Barts). I am a big fan of the amazing images one can take with a microscope now, both in terms of how pretty they look but also in how much information can be extracted and how good an experimental output they can be. I am imaging pretty much every week and always trying to get a better understanding on not only how to acquire better images (from sample prep to optimal imaging settings) but also how to use a microscope to answer scientific questions.

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