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Microscopy preprints – new tools and techniques in imaging

Posted by , on 17 May 2024

Here is a curated selection of preprints posted recently on new tools and techniques in imaging. Let us know if we are missing any preprints that are on your reading list.

FocalPlane features... microscopy education

Posted by , on 10 May 2024

The second webinar of our new series of FocalPlane features… focussed on microscopy education. We hosted fantastic talks from Jennifer Waters, CITE, Harvard Medical School and Robert Haase from ScaDS.AI, Leipzig University. Jennifer introduced Microtutor, a new interactive virtual light microscopy course that will be released soon. The course is free and can be completed

Microscopy preprints – bioimage analysis

Posted by , on 3 May 2024

Here is a curated selection of preprints published recently. In this post, we focus specifically on bioimage analysis.

FocalPlane features... open microscopy and accessible workflows

Posted by , on 2 May 2024

Our next FocalPlane features… webinar is on open microscopy and accessible workflows with talks from Richard Bowman, Jan Huisken and Dumisile Lumkwana. Richard will speak about OpenFlexure Microscopes, which are open-source optical microscopes that are built using 3D printed components and off the shelf components. The OpenFlexure project aims to promote broader access to microscopy.

JCS-FocalPlane Training Grants

Posted by , on 1 May 2024

We are excited to launch our new JCS-FocalPlane Training Grants. Early-career researchers in cell biology can apply for grants of up to £1,000 to support their attendance at microscopy courses, including bioimage analysis courses. These training grants can be used to cover the registration fees, accommodation and/or travel costs and are designed to support those

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Call for workshop GerBI TiM2025

Abstract submission deadline: 30th June 2024

Location: ,

Date: 17 March 2025 — 21 March 2025

Cell Biology 2024 - ASCB

Location: San Diego/CA, USA

Date: 14 December 2024 — 18 December 2024

9th NIC@IIT Advanced Microscopy practical workshop

Location: Genoa, Italy

Date: 2 December 2024 — 6 December 2024