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FocalPlane image competition

Posted by , on 9 September 2020

For our first FocalPlane image competition we are delighted to invite our community (you!) to submit your favourite images that you have acquired using a microscope of any modality. The images you submit (up to 3 images per applicant) will be featured on FocalPlane and will be voted on by the community. The image with

‘Under the scope’: an interview with Ann Wheeler

Posted by , on 8 September 2020

Ann Wheeler received her PhD from University College London as part of a molecular cell biology 4-year rotation programme where she got to use confocal imaging quite extensively. She then moved to Columbia University to do some total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy. She was actually one of the first people to use TIRF as

SRRF-Stream+ Super-Resolution Microscopy Accessible to All

Sponsored by Andor, on 12 August 2020

Fast, reliable & live-cell compatible Super-Resolution Science has limits imposed by the laws of physics that constrain discoveries and the advance of knowledge. In microscopy, up until the beginning of the XXI century, the diffraction limit of light was an unbreakable barrier. This law of physics imposes that two points could not be resolved (clearly

Open microscopy across our journals

Posted by , on 3 July 2020

21-27 October marked International Open Access Week 2019. During this week many events were organised, stimulating discussion on open knowledge and connecting like-minded people and organisations that are all working towards greater accessibility of research. But of course important work in this area is being done all year round and we find ourselves in an

A 'lockdown post' from facility managers across the world

Posted by , on 1 July 2020

The year 2020 has been challenging so far. The current lockdown measures everywhere across the world brought about a change in how we work. But we have adapted and we have overcome this challenge in this new era of ‘working from home’. Here’s how people from imaging facilities in different parts of the world are

Recent events by FocalPlane

MiFoBio 2020

MiFoBio is a multidisciplinary school focusing on biological and technological advances for life imaging and quantification. Microscopy and combined imaging techniques, image analysis and results modeling constitute a continuum of knowledge and know-how that are the core of this school.

Location: France

Date: 30 October 2020 — 5 November 2020

Virtual 12th Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Conference 2020

Join us to learn about hot topics in light sheet microscopy, attend online workshops on image processing and visualization, and to learn about sample preparation and different optical set-ups.

Location: Online

Date: 23 September 2020 — 25 September 2020

Complete Microscopy Training Course

At the Andor Microscopy School, we aim to give life science researchers an overview of the microscopy world, from the fundamental applications to more recent high-end techniques.

Location: Online

Date: 9 September 2020 — 31 December 2020