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Julien Colombelli

Physicist, Optical Engineer. Research Engineer at CORECOM (Milan, Italy, 2001-2002), EMBL (Heidelberg, Germany, 2002-2008). Advanced Digital Microscopy (ADM) Core Facility Manager at IRB Barcelona (since 2008). Chair of NEUBIAS COST Action CA15124 (2016-2021). Founding member of REMOA (Spanish Society for Advanced Optical Microscopy). Main Inventor of LEGOLISH (Lego lightsheet microscope project). Congress (co-)organizer of LSFM2014, ELMI2015, EuBIAS2013, NEUBIAS (2016-2020), SPAOM (2019-20).

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Microscopy background: Optical System Development, Image Analysis

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SPAOM2020 (virtual): Spanish and Portuguese Advanced Optical Microscopy conference

SPAOM2020 gathers the bioimaging community around developments and applications in Optical Microscopy, with Scientific Talks (abstracts submission until Nov. 8th), Posters with flash talks, Community Workshops and Industry Exhibition. The meeting is strongly open to international participation, registration is free.

Location: Online, organized from Valencia, Spain

Date: 24 November 2020 — 27 November 2020