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Nachiket Vartak

Nachiket Vartak is a Group Leader at the Systems Toxocilogy department at the Leibniz Research Center in Dortmund, Germany. He received his Ph.D from lab of Dr. Philippe Bastiaens at the Department of Cellular Systems Biology at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology, Dortmund Germany. His work focuses on the application of quantitative imaging a wide variety of problems ranging in scale from spatiotemporal patterns in cellular and sub-cellular signaling, small-molecule development for interventions, to organ-level physiological functions. Current work focuses on liver physiology and disease - imaging the molecular basis of cellular and tissue level pathologies in the liver in NAFLD, NASH and cholestasis.

About Nachiket Vartak

Scientific field: Biophysics, Cell biology, Cancer biology, Systems Biology, Hepatology, Functional imaging

Microscopy background: Image Analysis, Optical System Development

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Primers on Microscopy for Biologists - Resolution

Posted by , on 15 July 2020

Formal definitions of resolution refer to imaginary objects such as infinitely small sources of light. I will avoid those and instead try to provide a pragmatic explanation. Practically, the spatial resolution is the size of the smallest structure that can be distinguished in the light coming from a specimen. All sensors and components of the