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Pradeep Rajasekhar

Pradeep is a postdoctoral fellow at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. His interests in biology and computers motivated him to pursue interdisciplinary avenues of research. He was exposed to the exciting world of microscopy during his PhD, where he enjoyed taking beautiful pictures and even more so making sense of the image data. As a bioimage analyst, he develops unique image processing workflows using computational tools to study the cells within the gut wall, with a focus on neurons and immune cells. Pradeep likes gaming in his free time and has more games in his Steam library than he can ever get around playing. He enjoys playing volleyball and exploring the culinary scene in Melbourne with his wife.

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Microscopy background: Image Analysis

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Career insight: bioimage analysis

Posted by , on 3 July 2020

I am a postdoctoral fellow based at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS), Melbourne, Australia. I am originally from Kerala, India and travelled to Australia for my postgraduate studies almost 13 years ago. I came to Melbourne because of all the high quality and affordable educational opportunities, and fell in love with it for