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CEO and Founder of Kapoorlabs, Paris. Born in India, educated in UK and Germany in theoretical physics. Transitioned towards method development for sciences after my PhD. What attracts me to bio image analysis is the interdisciplinary nature of the field requiring abstract thinking and usage of N dimensional mathematics in creating software solutions while aiding in biological researchers in their research. Such analysis requires programs, user friendly running environment and storage spaces for the ever increasing data along with user training in such analytical solutions. We do our best to deliver.

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Scientific field: Computational biology

Microscopy background: Image Analysis

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VollSeg and its extension Napari plugins

Posted by , on 15 January 2023

In this article we present the Napari plugin VollSeg and its ongoing extension plugins that we are creating as a part of the CZI grant awarded successively to the non-profit company KapoorLabs, Paris. VollSeg is a Napari plugin for performing semantic, instance segmentation and denoising using the seed pooling approach that requires StarDist and either

TrackMate-Oneat: Auto Track correction using deep learning networks

Posted by , on 4 July 2022

During the tracking of motile cells, solving the problem of linking objects between two consecutive timepoints becomes even more complicated, if the cells divide or undergo cell death. In the terms of trajectories, this means the addition of trajectory branches and terminations. However, dividing and dying cells are characteristic in their shape, and leveraging this