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I'm the Community Manager of FocalPlane. Get in contact with me if you have any suggestions or feedback for the site. My background is in membrane trafficking and have applied electron microscopy, confocal microscopy and super-resolution imaging to answer my research questions. During my postdoc in the St Johnston lab, I was introduced to the power of close collaboration between researchers in optical engineering, probe design, end-users and bioimage analysts. I hope that FocalPlane will be a place for all these groups to interact.

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Scientific field: Cell biology, Developmental biology

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Image checklists v1.0 from QUAREP-LiMi

Posted by , on 16 March 2023

QUAREP-LiMi (Quality Assessment and Reproducibility for Instruments and Images in Light Microscopy) is a community group of light microscopists, science communicators, business representatives, vendors and application specialists aiming to improve both quality assessment and quality control in microscopy. QUAREP-LiMi is organised into (currently) 13 working groups, focusing on areas such as illumination power, lateral and

New Community Manager for FocalPlane

Posted by , on 25 January 2023

Hi all, My name is Helen Zenner and I am delighted to introduce myself as the new Community Manager of FocalPlane. Microscopy, along with membrane trafficking, has been a strong theme throughout my scientific career, starting during my PhD with Dan Cutler at the LMCB in London. During this time, I was introduced to the

Development presents... an Imaging Special

Posted by , on 12 October 2021

Development presents… is a webinar series hosted by Development. The webinars are chaired each month by a different Development Editor, who invites talks from authors of exciting new papers and preprints. First authors are particularly encouraged to present their work – we hope the series will become a forum for supporting early-career researchers. As well

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Crick BioImage Analysis Symposium (CBIAS) 2023

The Crick BioImage Analysis Symposium (CBIAS) aims to showcase image analysis techniques to biomedical researchers and to demonstrate how such approaches can help them advance their research.

Location: London, United Kingdom

Date: 20 November 2023 — 21 November 2023

MBL- Analytical and Quantitative Light Microscopy

A comprehensive and intensive course in light microscopy for researchers in biology, medicine, and material sciences.

Location: Woods Hole, MA, USA

Date: 26 April 2023 — 5 May 2023

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Thanks Maria, definitely a very impressive piece of work. We included the preprint in our October list: Do let us know about any other preprints that you are enjoying!
by Helen Zenner in Microscopy preprints – new tool and techniques in imaging on 15 March 2023