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Sunil Kumar

I am a microscopist with a background in physics, optics and immunology with experience in cell biology and small organism imaging. I currently work as a postdoc on secondment to the Francis Crick Institute in the Photonics Satellite lab from Imperial College London, on projects that aim to make advanced microscopy hardware and software more user-friendly and accessible to the wider community. I work, or have worked on single-photon, multiphoton, lightsheet and tomographic imaging, and with techniques such as Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC), Widefield time-gated Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM), Oblique Plane Microscopy (OPM), Optical Projection Tomorgraphy (OPT) and STORM (Stochaistic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy), and on the automation of a range of these. Outside of work, I have interests in cycling, hiking, camping, travel, electronics, cooking, and the making and consumption of beer amongst a variety of other things!

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Microscopy background: Optical System Development

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“openFrame” for modular, extensible, easily maintained, open-source microscopy

Posted by , on 23 July 2020

The openFrame [1] is an open-source microscopy hardware project initiated by the Photonics Group in the Physics Department at Imperial College London that is intended to provide access to a modular, upgradable, easily maintained and modifiable microscope frame that can be implemented at relatively low cost compared to existing commercial instruments. openFrame is a component