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FocalPlane features… Pavel Tomancak

Posted by , on 7 June 2021

In case you missed ‘FocalPlane features…’ this month, here is the recording of the webinar given by Pavel Tomancak on Tuesday 1 June 2021.

Light sheet microscopy has been over more than a decade producing stunning new views of the dynamics of living systems. I have been observing the rapid growth of this technology, contributed to its dissemination through OpenSPIM, facilitated solving image analysis problems through the Fiji platform and taught the basics of the techniques to many talented students at practical courses. As exciting as the technology, the imagery, the millions of cells and hundreds of terabytes of data are, eventually the value of the technology will be measured by what kind of research questions it will help solving. In this presentation, I will focus on how light sheet microscopy enabled us to answer diverse question in tissue morphogenesis in model and non-model organisms and what may be the next challenges for this exciting approach to microscopy.

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