Microscopy specialist (core facility position at MRI – Montpellier)

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The MRI-CRBM microscope facility ( is seeking a microscopy specialist to provide extensive training and technical assistance to the users. The candidate will oversee all standard maintenance of the epifluorescence and confocal microscopes of the facility.  We offer a one year contract, renewable up to 5 years. Deadline: 23rd July.


-User training and support of the biology projects

-Provides scientific and technical advice and guidance to students, staff, and faculty, when appropriate

-Meticulous routine maintenance of instruments to ensure reproducibility of imaging experiments

-troubleshoot technical issues arising with microscopes – in contact with the maintenance service technicians of the commercial microscopes contructors

-implement new imaging modalities and methodologies

-Image analysis support, integrate analysis techniques in imaging pipelines

-participate in the developmnet of outreach activites

-support the projects in the living cell microscopy (FRET, FRAP), optogenetics, high resolution microscopy (Airy scan, spinning disk SR)

-respect the functioning procedures of the facility (norme ISO9001)


-degree in biology, biophysics, optics or related field, with solid background in light microscopy

-extensive experience with epifluorescence and confocal microscopy and/or in specimen preparation

-ability to learn new and demanding techniques

-ability to understand and operate the hardware and software components of light microscope systems

-experience with image analysis tools (Fiji, Imaris)

-immunostaining and cellular biology experience is considered as a plus

-english written and spoken, french spoken


-ability to remain productive, organized and flexible in a dynamic and international environment

– ability to work as part of a team, autonomous and ability to learn new and demanding techniques

-high organization skills

-adaptable and ability to communicate with the users (students, staff, faculty) of the facility and the MRI-CRBM team

-ability to get integrated to the MRI facility


The imaging specialist will be at the imaging facility of the CNRS campus CNRS route de Mende (MRI-CRBM). The facility counts 4 upright epifluorescence microscopes, 4 inverted epifluorescence microscopes for living cells (with modules like (FRAP,TIRF, optogenetics) with one microscope dedicated to the super-resolution microscopy PALM/STORM, 3 confocal microscopes (modules Airy scan, FCS, FLIM, FLIM coupled to a 2-photon), 2 and soon 3 spinning disks and one light sheet microscope. The facility counts 230 users per year. The MRI facility is Gis Ibisa labeled and certified ISO 9001 and NFX50900. The detailed description of the equipment is accessible on the web site: The candidate will work under the supervision of the MRI-CRBM head.

For specific technical or other questions please feel free to contact Dr. Orestis Faklaris,, the MRI-CRBM head ( The candidates should send their CV and motivation letter before the 23rd of July on the following website

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