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The EPFL Center for Imaging is looking for a senior expert in image analysis to lead the ‘Hub for Advanced Image Handling and Analysis’ . The Center for Imaging serves as a hub for state-of-the-art technologies in imaging science. The only one of its kind in Switzerland, the center pools the expertise of over a hundred laboratories distributed across the five EPFL schools. Its mission is to facilitate cross-disciplinary research in the field and anchor EPFL’s position as a world-leading institution in imaging science. It is also responsible for addressing the ever-growing needs in image handling and analysis of the EPFL imaging community.

Your mission will be to foster the proper exploitation of the full richness of the imaging data produced on campus and to stimulate the dissemination of new developments in imaging software across EPFL groups. As Head of the Hub, you will drive the development of numerical tools for a broad variety of imaging domains, from astrophysics through biomedical imaging to quantum physics. You will also assist the EPFL research laboratories dealing with advanced problems in image analysis and you will contribute to the enrichment of the continuous training offer for EPFL’s imaging scientists.

Main duties and responsibilities include :

  • Build up and lead a team of engineers of the EPFL Center for Imaging.
  • Drive the development of innovative image-analysis tools to the benefit of EPFL’s imaging community.
  • Drive the development of numerical tools that facilitate the transfer of new software technologies across groups; in particular, novel AI tools for image analysis.
  • Assist research groups dealing with advanced problems in image analysis.
  • Investigate software infrastructure that tackle shared problems in data handling, storage, and visualization.
  • Build a repository of useful image-analysis tools with associated documentation and illustrative pipelines.
  • Provide help with the longterm maintenance of open-source software and imaging data on campus.
  • Promote and co-supervise student projects led by specialized laboratories that address concrete problems generated by other actors in imaging.
  • Contribute to the enrichment of the Center for Imaging’s offer in continuous training to further equip our imaging scientists with the latest imaging-related digital skills.

Your profile :
You are a senior expert in image analysis with a PhD degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or a closely related discipline. You master many image-processing and image-analysis tools, from classical algorithms to AI-based methods. You also have a strong knowledge of the physics that underlie imaging systems and image formation.

You love to interact with scientists and already have experience in providing image-analysis support for a wide range of research domains. To the benefit of non-specialists in particular, you are able to popularize the underlying basic principles of image processing and image analysis. You have been involved in the supervision of MSc/PhD students, too.

You have excellent programming skills in relevant languages such as Python and Java, and have experience with the main software frameworks for learning-based processing (TensorFlow, PyTorch). You also have experience with the development of open-source libraries and are familiar with various open environments (Jupyter notebooks, github).

We offer :
We offer a stimulating, collaborative, cross-disciplinary environment in a world-class research institution that is at the forefront of imaging science. At EPFL, over a hundred laboratories perform elite research in imaging, covering all scales from the atomic to the cosmological one, and spanning a broad range of applications. The school is well equipped with advanced imaging facilities that provide access to the latest cutting-edge technologies.

You will engage on a daily basis with a dynamic and creative community of scientists, and you will be involved in a large variety of exciting research problems in imaging. By joining the EPFL Center for Imaging, you will consolidate a growing team of experts working to anchor EPFL at the cutting edge of imaging technology for research applications, at a time when many exciting opportunities for imaging science are also emerging at the Swiss level.

We look forward to receiving your application online. Applications via email or postal services will not be considered. For further information about the EPFL Center for Imaging, please visit

Start date : As soon as possible. 

Term of employment : Fixed-term (CDD)

Work rate : 100%

Duration : 1-year renewable contract (project duration foreseen for a minimum of 3 years). 

Remark : Only candidates who applied through EPFL website or our partner Jobup’s website will be considered. Files sent by agencies without a mandate will not be taken into account.

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