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Postdoctoral Researcher Optical and Computational Biophysics, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal

Posted by , on 24 February 2022

The Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência – IGC is inviting applications for a postdoctoral researcher to join the Henriques (Optical Cell Biology) laboratory as part of a highly-collaborative and interdisciplinary team developing novel superresolution microscopy, machine learning and automation technologies and their application to tackle cellular infection.

The IGC is an international institute located in a seaside town close to Lisbon, Portugal, and integrated in a multidisciplinary campus. It is a world-leading biology research center, providing modern facilities and an exciting research environment. IGC strategy also includes investment in outstanding central resources, participation and development of national and international networks and activities, as well as in public dissemination, outreach activities as well as promotion of science in the developing world (see more and quantitative info in https://gulbenkian.pt/ciencia/homepage/igc/facts-and-figures/). The IGC has a vibrant environment, composed by approximately 400 people, 300 scientists, amongst which one third are foreigners from over 40 nationalities.

The postdoctoral researcher will develop and use optical, computational and biomedical approaches to explore the integration of automated and intelligent super-resolution microscopy into large image-based infection assays. The post-holder will be hosted by the Henriques lab at IGC with an opportunity of short visits to the large network of collaborators the laboratory holds.

Applicants should have a PhD degree taken in the last 3 years in a relevant field and extensive research experience in computational and optical biophysics. Experience in cell biology, structural biology, host-pathogen interactions and computational modelling will be useful. Good communication skills, including a good level of spoken English, which would enable a good communication and work in an international setting, are necessary. High commitment and a collaborative attitude are needed for this job.


  • Fellowship annual contract starting April-July 2022, with the possibility of renewal.
  • Annual stipend according to the candidate’s level of expertise
  • Continuous training.
  • Career development perspectives.
  • Dynamic working atmosphere

Interested candidates should send to the email rjhenriques+PDApp@igc.gulbenkian.pt with the subject ‘Postdoc Application – Optical and Computational Biophysics’ containing one PDF file with Letter of Motivation (2 page max) and a detailed Curriculum Vitae. Applications must be submitted from 11th February of 2022 to 28th February of 2022.

After a pre-analysis of Curriculum Vitae and letter of motivation the selected candidates will
be contacted for an interview.

The Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation actively promotes
a non-discrimination and equal access policy, wherefore no candidate can be privileged,
benefitted, impaired or deprived of any rights whatsoever, or be exempt of any duties based
on ancestry, age, sex, sexual preference, marital status, family and economic conditions,
education, origin or social conditions, genetic heritage, reduced work capacity, disability,
chronic illness, nationality, ethnic origin or race, origin territory, language, religion, political or
ideological convictions and union membership.

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