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Lead Application Scientist at Interherence, Germany

Posted by , on 2 March 2022

Lead Application Scientist, Full time – Starting 06/22

Interherence is a young, high-tech startup based in Erlangen, Germany that develops, manufactures and sells game-changing systems in the field of optical biotechnologies, with a dedicated focus on single-molecule detection. We combine integrated and classical optics with modern methods of nanofabrication and data analysis to bring ease of use and reproducibility into light microscopy. Our systems are designed to quantitatively analyze complex biological systems in their native, cell-like environments in order to aid the development of new therapeutics, optimize formulations and detect viruses or EVs.

We are looking for a highly motivated and skilled scientist to take the lead in developing new applications for our devices. In the advertised position, you will be responsible for identifying and optimizing applications with world class scientists as well as with industrial partners. The main focus will be on use cases primarily targeting drug research and formulation, ranging from high-throughput to high-content screening applications. You will be working very closely with our R&D team, covering hardware, software and chemistry to optimize our systems for huge-impact applications that give answers to the unknown. This way, you will have substantial influence on the trajectory of Interherence, its devices and market success. In this position, a greater picture of biology, medicine, physics, chemistry, engineering and user-centric thinking is crucial to identify unmet needs that are technologically within reach.

At Interherence, you can expect a dynamic, exciting environment, working in a close-knit team with colleagues of nine different nationalities and scientific backgrounds. In this role, you will learn about cutting edge technologies and shape the company trajectory. We expect you to contribute your own ideas and grow with the company. The position is based in Erlangen, Germany.

Your main tasks:

  • identify, develop and experimentally validate biophysical assays using our systems.
  • iterate with our R&D team system implementations to optimize user experience, data quality and reliability.
  • identify key user needs and requirements.
  • coordinate global joint research projects with world class researchers and prepare scientific publications.
  • document workflows, assessments and findings.
  • communicate findings to internal and external teams clearly and concisely.

For this job you should:

  • have at least 2 years of work experience as an application specialist, lead scientist or a similar role in R&D. Preferably in light microscopy or in the biotech/pharma industry.
  • hold a PhD or master’s degree in molecular biology, biophysics, biomedicine or related fields.
  • have a deep understanding of and practical experience with light microscopy methods and their use in biomedical research.
  • have excellent team and communication skills.
  • be passionate about your work. You approach your tasks in a strategic manner.
  • like to push boundaries and enjoy working on the technological edge of tomorrow.

You will have a preference, if you:

  • have experience and a professional network in assay development, drug research and the biopharma industry.
  • have experience with optical, label-free technologies.

You’re creative, like to follow unconventional paths and make things happen?

Then apply with us!


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