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Associate Research Scientist position in Advanced Microscopy

Posted by , on 20 April 2022

Department of Genetics, Yale University School of Medicine

Yale University Department of Genetics is seeking to recruit a highly qualified Imaging Specialist at the rank of Associate Research Scientist, to establish and run the departmental advanced imaging core. Members of the Department of Genetics conduct basic, clinical and translational research using genetics and genomics of model organisms (yeast, fruit fly, worm, zebrafish, mouse) and humans to understand fundamental mechanisms of biology and disease. Areas of active investigation include genetic and epigenetic regulation of development and disease, molecular genetics, stem cells and other dynamic cellular systems, regulation of gene expression, computational biology and human genomics.

The successful candidate will have extensive fluorescence imaging knowledge, including expertise in two-photon and spinning-disk confocal microscopy, super-resolution imaging, light-sheet microscopy, live-cell imaging, and image analysis. Experience leading projects involving cellular resolution imaging of whole organisms, across a range of biological systems is required. A strong interest in imaging technology development and image analysis is strongly preferred.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Collaborate with faculty on research projects and contribute to grant proposals as part of the Departments Team Science and Research Development initiative
• Manage the shared instrumentation, train users in the software and operation of microscopes, and increase user base
• Advise on image acquisition design and quantitative image analysis
• Contribute to the acquisition and installation of the latest generation microscope systems

• A PhD in Biology, Physics or a related field of life sciences, and relevant postdoctoral experience
• Proven experience in advanced light microscopy and image analyses software
• Experience in the work environment of a service-oriented core facility is favorable
• Experience in instrumentation development and building of advanced microscope systems is a bonus
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
• Solid publication record and the ability to support long-term, successful research projects
Application Instructions:
Applicants interested in the position must apply via the following link:

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