Application specialist role, US.

Posted by , on 1 August 2022

Having just Launched our new Holotomography Microcope, HT-X1, Tomocube Inc. are looking to recruit an application specialist to work with our clients and distribution partners in the USA.

We are looking for biologists with experience of microscopy that can demonstrate and train others in the use of instrumentation and software. This is a commercial role and you will be responsible for the support of our clients and partners both technically and commercially. We anticipate that the recruit will have a higher degree in order to have the level of laboratory experience for this role. It is important that that any candidate can work autonomously as they will be the first US based team member. Location is flexible, but you will need to be near to a major travel hub as a significnt proportion of the work will be away from base. We plan to set the incumbent with an office sace and applications lab facility to work from (incubator facility).

A self starter with drive, the role allows autonomy to do the job your way and offers a high level of flexibility. If you are interested in discussing the role please contact

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