Young Microscopists and Image Analysts in GerBI

Posted by , on 25 November 2022

To make microscopy techniques and image analysis more accessible to young researchers in Germany, the German BioImaging Society ( is setting up a new team for Young Microscopists and Image Analysts (YMIA). If you’re interested: Check out the full invitation below and feel free to share this in institutions across Germany. Spread the word and help us reach out to young researchers in Germany!

On behalf of the newly established team Young Microscopists and Image analysts (YMIA) under the The German Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis (BioImaging-Gesellschaft für Mikroskopie und Bildanalyse e.V. GerBI-GMB), we would like to cordially invite all interested actively working and aspiring microscopists and image analysts for the YMIA kick-off meeting 29th of November 2022 at 13:30. To join the meeting, please fill out the survey below and we will provide the meeting link!

About YMIA:

Microscopy and image analysis are so strongly intertwined that it is impossible to talk about one without the other. We aim to form a network among young scientists in institutions across Germany in which we can discuss our specific imaging and analysis issues in an informal, peer-based environment. „Young” in this definition means students, PhD students and PostDocs up to two years after their defense

About this meeting:

In this meeting, YMIA team will be introduced. Based on your wishes and expectations, the YMIA team will organize lectures, workshops, expert talks or group trouble-shooting sessions in the field of microscopy and image analysis. Our goal is to tailor our program to your needs and expectations! In order to get started with that, we of course need some input what might be interesting for you. Prior to the meeting, please fill in the survey. Even if you cannot attend the kick-off meeting, you can still fill this form if you’re interested in future information about the YMIA.

It will give us an idea of what you, as young scientists, are missing and expecting in order to boost your microscopy and image analysis skills. More ideas are always welcome and will be discussed in the kick-off meeting, together with the results of the survey!! After the kick-off meeting, if you are interested, you can also become an active member of the GerBI society and join our YMIA working group.

About GerBI:

The GerBI-GMB Society connects and supports microscopists and bioimage analysts as well as core facilities throughout Germany. GerBI-GMB represents the interests of researchers and professionals as well as core facilities in Germany involved in microscopy and image data analysis for the life sciences. It fosters interaction and exchange of information within the community, between scientists and engineers, among academia and industry, and represents the interests of its members at funding bodies. GerBI-GMB promotes the cooperation with organisations and groups operating in related research and technology fields in Germany and throughout the world. GerBI-GMB also promotes communication and exchange with the public on topics related to microscopy and image analysis in the life sciences.

Please join us on 29th of November to find out more and share this with everyone you think might be interested! We are looking forward to the discussion with you!

Best wishes on behalf of the YMIA team,

Friederike, Annika, Sona & Benjamin

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  1. The kick-off meeting was a success! If you did not have time to join the meeting itself, but you are curious about the team of “Young microscopists and image analysists” – you are still welcome to fill out the survey to receive further information, get included in the mailing list and participate in the YMIA.

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