Elisabeth Kugler

Elisabeth Kugler conducted her PhD at the University of Sheffield (UK) developing image segmentation, registration, and quantification pipelines for the zebrafish cerebral vasculature. Additionally, she discovered and characterised a previously undescribed cerebral endothelial cell (EC) membrane behaviour which she termed kugeln. Elisabeth combines experimental sciences with in silico modelling to understand the biological processes that underpin vascular development and disease.

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Scientific field: Developmental biology, Computational biology

Microscopy background: Image Analysis

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LSFM series – Surfing on the data freak wave! PART I: Knowing your turf, knowing your surf!

Posted by , on 5 September 2020

Here we present a series of five blog posts with tips and tricks about light sheet microscopy. 1. The basics of LSFM (Sept 2020) 2. Improving sample mounting (Oct 2020) 3. Calibration and Acquisition (Nov 2020) 4. Tailoring the data (Dec 2020) 5. What is next? AI and smarter than us LSFM (Jan 2021)

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