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Featured image with Outi Paloheimo

Posted by , on 4 August 2023

Our featured image is laser scanning confocal microscope image showing cell division of Madin-Darby canine kidney cells with nuclei in grey and filamentous actin in orange. The image was acquired with a Zeiss LSM 780 microscope with a 63x/1.40 oil immersion objective, 405 nm diode laser and 561 nm diode-pumped solid-state laser. Deconvolution was performed

Featured image with David McGrath

Posted by , on 21 July 2023

Our featured image is of mature mouse brown adipocytes (WT-1 cell line) under normal conditions from David McGrath. Channel 1 (green LUT) shows lipid droplets stained with BODIPY 493/503 and channel 2 (fire LUT) shows mitochondria stained with TMRE. The image was obtained using a Visitron SD-TIRF confocal microscope (60x Apo TIRF (corr.) Oil/ NA: 1.49) at the UKE Microscopy Imaging Facility