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Featured image with Sujan Ghimire

Posted by , on 26 April 2024

Our featured image, acquired by Sujan Ghimire, shows a U2OS cell stained for paxillin (Cyan Hot) and actin (Red Hot) following an immunofluorescence staining protocol. The image was captured using structured illumination microscopy (SIM) with Deltavision OMX (63x Oil, NA: 1.42) at Cell Imaging and Cytometry facility, Turku Bioscience.

Featured image with Julien Rességuier

Posted by , on 22 December 2023

Our featured image, acquired by Julien Rességuier, shows the branchial cavity lymphoid architecture of an adult zebrafish. It is a 2D projection of a 3D multi-field of view acquisition of a transversal cryosection (30 μm) that has been stained with fluorescent phalloidin (inverted LUT – grey/copper) and DAPI (blue) to reveal tissue structures and labelled