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Computational Biologist – Microscopy at 10x Genomics

Posted by , on 9 June 2020

10x is looking for an outstanding individual to join its Computational Biology group to work on its next generation spatial genomics assays. The ideal candidate has experience implementing robust algorithms for detecting and modeling features in microscopy images and drawing inferences from them. Candidate should have deep knowledge of optical image analysis and will be well served by the ability to combine published algorithms with original ideas and quickly turning it into efficient code. Candidate will be expected to be highly independent, relied on for their expert technical opinion and thrive in a quickly changing environment.

Key Responsibilities

Develop automation friendly, blazing fast, high performance computational code for processing big spatial image data
Be a team player and work collaboratively in a fast paced team of microscopy experts and software engineers to guide product development
Perform statistical analysis and design metrics to measure product performance
Quickly build, prototype and test code with appropriately high level of engineering and optimization

Required Skills and Background

MS/PhD in computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, computational imaging or related computational field with 1-5 years of experience
Strong background in numerical analysis, image and signal processing, computer vision, statistics and an interest in biology
Strong programming ability in a compiled language with experience in using image processing and computer vision libraries (C++ etc). Experience with Python and R a plus.
Creative problem solver who obsesses over extracting maximum power from data while acknowledging and quantifying imperfections inherent in real-world data

Desired Skills and Background

Experienced in building algorithms for analyzing, segmenting, classifying features in fluorescence microscopy data
Expert at multithreaded programming on SIMD architectures/GPUs, with strong systems understanding
Experienced in rendering data to html or a front-end for visualizing images with support for simple interactions

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