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The cell biologist’s guide to super-resolution microscopy

Posted by , on 1 July 2020

Super-resolution microscopy has allowed to resolve cellular structures down to the nanoscale. While extremely beneficial for most cell biologists, the advent of this technology has made it somewhat difficult for cell biologists and microscopists alike to select the techniques best suited for their experiments. Guillaume Jacquemet, Alexandre Carisey, Hellyh Hamidi and two members of our scientific advisory board, Ricardo Henriques and Christophe Leterrier, have now published ‘The cell biologist’s guide to super-resolution microscopy’, a ‘Cell Science at a Glance’ poster article, in Journal of Cell Science, outlining the different techniques available with an intuitive scoring system designed to help anyone in deciding the best technique to use. To celebrate the launch of FocalPlane, the article, including the accompanying poster, will be free to read for the next month.

Guillaume Jacquemet, Alexandre F. Carisey, Hellyeh Hamidi, Ricardo Henriques, Christophe Leterrier. (2020). The cell biologist’s guide to super-resolution microscopy Journal of Cell Science ,133: jcs240713 doi: 10.1242/jcs.240713

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