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Open microscopy across our journals

Posted by , on 3 July 2020

21-27 October marked International Open Access Week 2019. During this week many events were organised, stimulating discussion on open knowledge and connecting like-minded people and organisations that are all working towards greater accessibility of research. But of course important work in this area is being done all year round and we find ourselves in an exciting transitional time. At The Company of Biologists, we encourage authors to make use of our Open Access options, recognising the benefits for all involved, be it authors, readers or the wider scientific community.

24 October also marks the birthday of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723). A Dutch scientist, Van Leeuwenhoek is considered to be the ‘Father of Microbiology’, best known for his pioneering work in microscopy. He is also a leading example of the importance of sharing knowledge.

To celebrate Antonie van Leeuwenhoek and the importance of sharing knowledge, we have put together a collection of articles on microscopy. The articles come from our five journals: Development, Journal of Cell Science, Journal of Experimental Biology, Disease Models & Mechanisms and Biology Open and of course, they are all free to read and share. We hope you enjoy the collection.

Here are some highlights from our Microscopy Open Access collection.

Journal of Cell Science


High-speed multifocal plane fluorescence microscopy for three-dimensional visualisation of beating flagella

Using high-speed multifocal plane fluorescence microscopy the authors were able to describe in unprecedented detail the beating of Trypanosoma and Leishmania flagellum.

Journal of Cell Science 2019 132: jcs231795



Multi-sample SPIM image acquisition, processing and analysis of vascular growth in zebrafish

In this study the authors used selective plane illumination microscopy (SPIM) coupled with a processing and analysis workflow yielding precise quantification of growth characteristics of the whole vascular network over development.

Development 2019 146: dev173757

Disease Models & Mechanisms


Intravital microscopy of collective invasion plasticity in breast cancer

Here the authors monitored collective invasion of orthotopically microimplanted spheroids of breast cancer cells using intravital 2-photon microscopy.

Disease Models & Mechanisms 2018 11: dmm034330

Journal of Experimental Biology


Identification of a lipid-rich depot in the orbital cavity of the thirteen-lined ground squirrel

With the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) the authors discovered a previously undescribed orbital lipid depot in the thirteen-lined ground squirrel.

Journal of Experimental Biology 2019 222: jeb195750

Biology Open


SuperCLEM: an accessible correlative light and electron microscopy approach for investigation of neurons and glia in vitro

An easily accessible workflow that combines super-resolution fluorescence light microscopy (FLM), 3D electron microscopy (3D-EM) and rendering into 3D models.

Biology Open 2019 8: bio042085

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