Core Facility Manager – Centre for Advanced Histology and Microscopy (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, Australia)

Posted by , on 9 July 2020

Outstanding candidates are encouraged to apply for the position of Core Facility Manager – Centre for Advanced Histology and Microscopy now open at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre – a place where our normal days are extraordinary; as are the people we care for.

Peter Mac is one of a handful of integrated cancer research, education and treatment centres in the world.

The Centre for Advanced Histology and Microscopy (CAHM) underpins a multitude of cancer research projects and houses four core platforms:

·         Histology

·         Optical Microscopy, which houses a suite of state-of-the-art high-end optical microscopes, including laser scanning confocal microscopes, a multimodal super resolution microscope and multiphoton microscope, a dual laser multiphoton microscope, and a laser capture microscope

·         Electron Microscopy, inclusive of both transmission and scanning electron microscopy.

·         Image Analysis

For details of our current platforms see

We are seeking a highly experienced and self-motivated core facility manager to lead CAHM. The CAHM Manager will collaborate in research activities with other laboratories and cores, train staff and students, contribute to the development of new imaging methods and the implementation of new technologies within the core.

The Core Facility Manager is responsible for providing effective leadership and management of the facility, establishing an innovative core service for researchers and students For further information about this opportunity, please review the position description or contact us for a confidential discussion. CLOSING DATE: 04 AUGUST 2020

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