Light microscopy core facility support specialist, Biomedicum Imaging Unit, University of Helsinki, Finland

Posted by , on 15 September 2020

We are looking for a highly motivated Laboratory Engineer / light microscopy core facility support specialist for the Biomedicum Imaging Unit at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine. 

You would be joining a team of four support personnel and strengthening our capability to offer light microscopy and image analysis support for a community of about 250 researchers from over 80 groups.  

Other tasks would include, but not be limited to, basic instrument maintenance and day to day core facility management and development. 

Our facility is equipped with epifluorescence wide-field, confocal, spinning disk, light sheet, super resolution and two-photon microscopes. More information about BIU and the Helsinki Bioimaging platform can be found at: 

Further information about the position and on how to apply (deadline 10th October 2020) can be found at:

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