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Electron Microscopy Data Bank Coordinator – EMBL-EBI – Hinxton near Cambridge, UK

Posted by , on 11 January 2021

Deadline: 19 February 2021

EMBL-EBI is a world-leader in archiving and disseminating 3D biomacromolecular and cellular structure data and plays a key role in the dissemination of 3D electron microscopy (EM) data through the EMDB (Electron Microscopy Data Bank; emdb-empiar.org) and EMPIAR (Electron Microscopy Public Image Archive; empiar.org) public archives.

We develop and provide advanced tools and web-resources for searching, analysing and visualising structural data for the benefit of structural biologists and the wider scientific community. The team consists of an international and inter-disciplinary mix of professionals (scientists and IT specialists).  

Your role

We are looking to recruit an EMDB Coordinator to lead the activities surrounding the EMDB archive.

EMDB, founded at EMBL-EBI in 2002, will become a core archive of the Worldwide Protein Data Bank organisation (wwPDB; wwpdb.org) in 2021, and its future development will be carried out in collaboration with the wwPDB partners.

The EMDB Coordinator will lead a small team (presently 7 staff members, a mixture of structural biologists and computational scientists) and be responsible for leading EMDB’s archival, curation, integration, visualisation and dissemination activities, its production processes (weekly release preparation, updates of databases, websites, ftp areas, etc.), and the active involvement of the team in the wwPDB-related work (annotation of EMDB data, planning and implementing updates of the unified wwPDB deposition system OneDep, validation software, data model, etc.). Currently, the EMDB activities are funded by EMBL-EBI and two grants from the Wellcome Trust. We expect the EMDB Coordinator to play an important role in attracting future external funding.

This is a senior role, reporting directly to Dr Ardan Patwardhan who has overall responsibility of EMBL-EBI’s EM-archiving activities. It provides a rare and exciting opportunity for a scientist with experience in this rapidly expanding and developing field to have a huge impact on how the scientific community archives, validates and re-uses EM data.

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