CDD job offer – 1-year engineer contract on confocal microscopy and imaging analysis

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MSC-Med laboratory (CNRS and Université de Paris) has a consolidated expertise in extracellular vesicles (EVs), from their bioproduction and loading with drugs / nanoparticles to their characterization and therapeutic application in regenerative medicine and drug delivery (1-8).

The team obtained funding from Région Ile de France, Idex Université de Paris, and DRRT for launching the first facility in the Paris region dedicated to EVs. IVETh facility is a center of expertise for research grade production, engineering, purification and characterization of EVs.

IVETh facility relies on innovative and high-throughput methods for EV production and isolation and their characterization in terms of content and activities (asymmetric flow field-flow fractionation – A4F-MALS, Raman and SERS imaging / spectroscopy, as well as high-content screening cytomic method for potency tests on recipient cells).


High-content screening is a multi-parametric technology allowing high-resolution microscopy combining automated fluorescence microscopy with automated image analysis to track the cellular morphology and intracellular parameters. It can analyze multiple cell parameters and thousands of individual cells simultaneously.

(Please see:


MSC Med and IVETh platform are looking for an engineer for setting high-content screening protocols using the equipment CellInsight CX7 LZR recently acquired. We are seeking an extremely motivated rigorous engineer to join our dynamic team and participate to the exciting experience to launch a cutting-edge facility.


Cell biology, cell culture of mammalian adherent cells, fluorescence confocal microscopy, imaging analysis and teamwork skills are absolutely required. Expertise on high-content screening is desired but not mandatory.

Starting date: September 2021.
Type of contract: 1-year CDD


Amanda Sliva Brun, CR CNRS,
Florence Gazeau, DR CNRS, directrice adjointe MSC,
Kelly Aubertin, IR UP, Responsable scientifique plateforme IVETh,
Hugo Salmon, MCF UP,

References from the team related to the topic:
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