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Andor and Akoya Biosciences to Collaborate in Spatial Omics market

Sponsored by Andor, on 8 July 2021

ANDOR, a global manufacturer of high performance scientific cameras, spectrographs and microscopy systems, is pleased to announce a co-marketing agreement with Akoya Biosciences Inc., The Spatial Biology Company®.

Under this agreement the companies will support their mutual user base within Akoya’s Imaging Innovators (I2) Network. Andor Dragonfly high speed confocal products combined with Akoya’s CODEX® solution deliver outstanding data quality for hi-plex 3D tissue imaging, deepening scientific insights and diagnostic potential.  

“Andor is well known in the life science community for innovation and quality. In this collaboration with Akoya our goal is to deliver high quality data and service for bio-discovery. Andor’s high speed confocal instruments are established performance leaders and, with CODEX, will help to deepen our contribution to spatial proteomics. We are delighted to work with Akoya as a leader in the field,” said Andrew Dennis, Director of Product Management at Andor.

Hi-plex 3D tissue imaging enables ‘spatial omics”, by iteratively multiplexing molecular labelling and tissue scanning technologies. Analysis of the resulting data sets provide high resolution protein or mRNA maps at the sub-cellular level for dozens or even hundreds of target molecules.  Armed with this knowledge researchers can map gene (transcriptome) and protein (proteome) activity in a tissue sample. Due to its innovative approach and the range of expected applications, Spatial Transcriptomics was selected as “Method of the year 2020” by Nature Methods journal. Applications range from speeding up discovery in basic science to predicting disease pathology, progression, and treatment response.

 “Multiplex in-situ imaging has enormous potential for life and medical science research. Andor is delighted to partner with Akoya, to provide I2 members with a unique set of high-performance 3D imaging, visualization and analysis tools. Dragonfly, our high-speed confocal platform, offers a large field of view and exceptional uniformity with our patented technology delivering the highest quality volumetric data for quantitative studies into the spatial organization of proteins in tissues and cells,” said Mark Browne PhD, Director, Systems Division at Andor.

“Collaborating with leading imaging companies, like Andor, will help to accelerate further innovation in the field of spatial biology, providing faster and more precise tools for biological discoveries,” said Brian McKelligon, President and CEO of Akoya Biosciences. “By working together with partners, we can further expand our CODEX system with the latest and most advanced microscopy platforms to streamline the user experience, add new workflows, accelerate acquisition speeds, and provide deeper resolution.”

Andor is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of scientific cameras, spectrographs and microscopy systems. Andor instruments and components have established a reputation for excellence over more than three decades, and as part of the Oxford Instruments family, continues to push scientific boundaries. The Dragonfly high-speed confocal platform is an ideal companion for core facilities and individual PI laboratories, delivering the highest quality confocal data for live cell, embryo and deep tissue imaging.

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