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Today we start a new monthly post on FocalPlane. With the help of the preLights community, we prepared a curated list of interesting microscopy-related preprints as well as preprint highlights written by preLighters.

Here is a curated selection of preprints and highlights published in the last months:

CryoET of Dm and DRG neurons provides exciting new insights into microtubule architecture, highlighting the importance of studying cellular components in their native environment. H E Foster, C Ventura Santos, A P Carter. Highlight by Ashleigh Davey.

Figure panels extracted from Foster et al.

Circularly permuted LOV domain as an engineering module for optogenetic tools. Lequn Geng, Jiaqi Shen, Wenjing Wang. Highlight by Soni Mohapatra

Symmetry breaking in the female germline cyst. D. Nashchekin, L. Busby, M. Jakobs, I. Squires, D. St Johnston. Highlight by Scott Wilcockson.

A live-cell marker to visualize the dynamics of stable microtubules. Klara I. Jansen, Mithila Burute, Lukas C. Kapitein. Highlight by Niveda Udaykumar.

Figure panels extracted from Jansen et al.

Astrocyte plasticity ensures continued endfoot coverage of cerebral blood vessels and integrity of the blood brain barrier, with plasticity declining with normal aging. William A. Mills III, Shan Jiang, Joelle Martin, AnnaLin M. Woo, Matthew Bergstresser, Ian F. Kimbrough, Harald Sontheimer. Highlight by Ranabir Chakraborty.

Figure panels extracted from Mills III et al.

Acquisition of alveolar fate and differentiation competence by human fetal lung epithelial progenitor cells. Kyungtae Lim, Walfred Tang, Dawei Sun, Peng He, Sarah A. Teichmann, John C. Marioni, Kerstin B. Meyer, Emma L. Rawlins. Highlight be Rob Hynds.

Figure panels extracted from Lim et al.

Inflammatory blockade prevents injury to the developing pulmonary gas exchange surface in preterm primates. Andrea Toth, Shelby Steinmeyer, Paranthaman Kannan, Jerilyn Gray, Courtney M. Jackson, Shibabrata Mukherjee, Martin Demmert, Joshua R. Sheak, Daniel Benson, Joe Kitzmiller, Joseph A. Wayman, Pietro Presicce, Christopher Cates, Rhea Rubin, Kashish Chetal, Yina Du, Yifei Miao, Mingxia Gu, Minzhe Guo, Vladimir V. Kalinichenko, Suhas G. Kallapur, Emily R. Miraldi, Yan Xu, Daniel Swarr, Ian Lewkowich, Nathan Salomonis, Lisa Miller, Jennifer S. Sucre, Jeffrey A. Whitsett, Claire A. Chougnet, Alan H. Job, Hitesh Deshmukh, William J. Zacharias. Highlight by Sagar Varankar.

Mechanosensitivity of amoeboid cells crawling in 3D. Florian Gaertner, Patricia Reis-Rodrigues, Ingrid de Vries, Miroslav Hons, Juan Aguilera, Michael Riedl, Alexander Leithner, Jack Merrin, Vanessa Zheden, Walter Anton Kaufmann, Robert Hauschild, Michael Sixt. Highlight by Jessica L. Teo.

Figure panels extracted from Gaertner et al.

Ender3 3D Printer Kit Transformed into Open, Programmable Syringe Pump Set. Sander Baas, Vittorio Saggiomo. Highlight by Afonso Mendes.

DeepImageTranslator: a free, user-friendly graphical interface for image translation using deep-learning and its applications in 3D CT image analysis. Run Zhou Ye, Christophe Noll, Gabriel Richard, Martin Lepage, Éric E. Turcotte, André C. Carpentier. Highlight be Afonso Mendes.

YAP1 Regulates the Self-organized Fate Patterning of hESCs-Derived Gastruloids. Servando Giraldez, Eleonora Stronati, Ling Huang, Hui-Ting Hsu, Elizabeth Abraham, Kathy A. Jones, Conchi Estaras. Highlight by Srivatsava Viswanadha.

Figure panels extracted from Giraldez et al.

Optogenetic control of apical constriction induces synthetic morphogenesis in mammalian tissues. Guillermo Martínez-Ara, Núria Taberner, Mami Takayama, Elissavet Sandaltzopoulou, Casandra E. Villava, Nozomu Takata, Mototsugu Eiraku, Miki Ebisuya. Highlight by Monica Tambalo.

Figure panels extracted from Martinez-Ara et al.

Bioluminescent Genetically Encoded Glutamate Indicator for Molecular Imaging of Neuronal Activity. E. D. Petersen, E. L. Crespo, G. G. Lambert, A. Torreblanca Zanca, R. Orcutt, U. Hochgeschwender, N. C. Shaner, A. A. Gilad. Highlight by Joanna Zell and Kristina Huhbandner.

Figure panels extracted from Petersen et al.

Multiscale light-sheet organoid imaging framework. Gustavo de Medeiros, Raphael Ortiz, Petr Strnad, Andrea Boni, Francisca Maurer, Prisca Liberali.

Figure panels extracted from Medeiros et al.

Vector-borne Trypanosoma brucei parasites develop in artificial human skin and persist as skin tissue forms. Christian Reuter, Fabian Imdahl, Laura Hauf, Ehsan Vafadarnejad, Philipp Fey, Tamara Finger, Heike Walles, Antoine-Emmanuel Saliba, Florian Groeber-Becker, Markus Engstler.

Figure panels extracted from Reuter et al.

The Field Guide to 3D Printing in Microscopy. Mario Del Rosario, Hannah S. Heil, Afonso Mendes, Vittorio Saggiomo, Ricardo Henriques.

Systematic Tuning of Rhodamine Spirocyclization for Super-Resolution Microscopy. Nicolas Lardon, Lu Wang, Aline Tschanz, Philipp Hoess, Mai Tran, Elisa D’Este, Jonas Ries, Kai Johnsson.

Bimodal Endocytic Probe for Three-Dimensional Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy. Job Fermie, Leanne de Jager, Helen Foster, Tineke Veenendaal, Cecilia de Heus, Suzanne van Dijk, Corlinda ten Brink, Viola Oorschot, Lin Yang, Wei Li, Wally Müller, Stuart Howes, Andrew Carter, Friedrich Förster, George Posthuma, Hans Gerritsen, Judith Klumperman, Nalan Liv.

Ventral Stress Fibers Induce Plasma Membrane Deformation in Human Fibroblasts. Samuel J. Ghilardi, Mark S. Aronson, Allyson E. Sgro.

Ultrastructure Expansion Microscopy in Trypanosoma brucei. Ana Kalichava, Torsten Ochsenreiter.

Figure panels extracted from Kalichava et al.

Long-term quality assessment and monitoring of light microscope performance through accessible and reliable protocols, tools and metrics. Orestis Faklaris, Leslie Bancel-Vallée, Aurélien Dauphin, Baptiste Monterroso, Perrine Frère, David Geny, Tudor Manoliu, Sylvain de Rossi, Fabrice P. Cordelières, Damien Schapman, Roland Nitschke, Julien Cau, Thomas Guilbert.

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