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Microscopy preprints – New tools and techniques

Posted by , on 31 December 2021

Here is a curated selection of preprints published recently. In this post, we focus specifically on new imaging tools only.

Miniscope-LFOV: A large field of view, single cell resolution, miniature microscope for wired and wire-free imaging of neural dynamics in freely behaving animals. Changliang Guo, Garrett J. Blair, Megha Sehgal, Federico N. Sangiuliano Jimka, Arash Bellafard, Alcino J. Silva, Peyman Golshani, Michele A Basso, H. Tad Blair, Daniel Aharoni

Figure extracted from Guo et al.

Raman2RNA: Live-cell label-free prediction of single-cell RNA expression profiles by Raman microscopy. Koseki J. Kobayashi-Kirschvink, Shreya Gaddam, Taylor James-Sorenson, Emanuelle Grody, Johain R. Ounadjela, Baoliang Ge, Ke Zhang, Jeon Woon Kang, Ramnik Xavier, Peter T. C. So, Tommaso Biancalani, Jian Shu, Aviv Regev

Figure extracted from Kobayashi-Kirschvink et al.

The phenotypic landscape of essential human genes. Luke Funk, Kuan-Chung Su, David Feldman, Avtar Singh, Brittania Moodie, Paul Blainey, Iain M Cheeseman

Figure extracted from Funk et al.

Decrowding Expansion Pathology: Unmasking Previously Invisible Nanostructures and Cells in Intact Human Brain Pathology Specimens. Pablo A Valdes, Chih-Chieh (Jay) Yu, Jenna L Aronson, Yongxin Zhao, Joshua D Bernstock, Deepak Bhere, Bobae An, Mariano S Viapiano, Khalid Shah, E Antonio Chiocca, Edward S Boyden

Figure extracted from Valdes et al.

High-Speed Low-Light In Vivo Two-Photon Voltage Imaging of Large Neuronal Populations. Jelena Platisa, Xin Ye, Allison M. Ahrens, Chang Liu, Ichun Anderson Chen, Ian G. Davison, Lei Tian, Vincent A. Pieribone, Jerry L. Chen

Figure extracted from Platisa et al.

Proximity-assisted photoactivation (PAPA): Detecting molecular interactions in live-cell single-molecule imaging. Thomas George Wade Graham, John Joseph Ferrie III, Gina M. Dailey, Robert Tjian, Xavier Darzacq

Figure extracted from Graham et al.

Three-dimensional Multicolor Subcellular Imaging by Fast Serial Sectioning Tomography for Centimeter-scale Specimens. Wentao Yu, Lei Kang, Victor T. C. Tsang, Yan Zhang, Ivy H. M. Wong, Terence T. W. Wong

Figure extracted from Yu et al.

Nanoscale patterning of in vitro neuronal circuits. Jose C. Mateus, Sean Weaver, Dirk van Swaay, Aline Renz, Julian Hengsteler, Paulo Aguiar, János Vörös

Figure extracted from Mateus et al.

mCherry contains a fluorescent protein isoform that interferes with its reporter function. Maxime Fages-Lartaud, Lisa Tietze, Florence Elie, Rahmi Lale, Martin Frank Hohmann-Marriott

Figure extracted from Fages-Lartaud et al.

A luciferase prosubstrate and a red bioluminescent calcium indicator to image neuronal activity. Xiaodong Tian, Yiyu Zhang, Xinyu Li, Ying Xiong, Tianchen Wu, Huiwang Ai

Figure extracted from Tian et al.

Fluorescence lifetime imaging of pH along the secretory pathway. Peter T.A. Linders, Melina Ioannidis, Martin ter Beest, Geert van den Bogaart

Figure extracted from Linders et al.

nucGEMs probe the biophysical properties of the nucleoplasm. vTamas Szoradi, Tong Shu, Gururaj R Kidiyoor, Ying Xie, Nora L Herzog, Andrew Bazley, Martina Bonucci, Sarah Keegan, Shivanjali Saxena, Farida Ettefa, Gregory P Brittingham, Joel Lemiere, David Fenyo, Fred Chang, Morgan Delarue, Liam J Holt

Figure extracted from Szoradi et al.

Fast DNA-PAINT imaging using a deep neural network. Kaarjel K Narayanasamy, Johanna V Rahm, Siddharth Tourani, Mike Heilemann

Figure extracted from Narayanasamy et al.

Nanoscale Microscopy Images Colorization Using Neural Networks. Israel Goytom, Qin Wang, Tianxiang Yu, Kunjie Dai, Kris Sankaran, Xinfei Zhou, Dongdong Lin

Figure extracted from Goytom et al.

Learning the rules of cell competition without prior scientific knowledge. Christopher Soelistyo, Giulia Vallardi, Guillaume Charras, Alan R Lowe

Figure extracted from Soelistyo et al.

Inferring kinetic rate constants from single-molecule FRET trajectories – a blind benchmark of kinetic analysis tools. Markus Götz, Anders Barth, Søren S.-R. Bohr, Richard Börner, Jixin Chen, Thorben Cordes, Dorothy A. Erie, Christian Gebhardt, Mélodie C.A.S. Hadzic, George L. Hamilton, Nikos S. Hatzakis, Thorsten Hugel, Lydia Kisley, Don C. Lamb, Carlos de Lannoy, Chelsea Mahn, Dushani Dunukara, Dick de Ridder, Hugo Sanabria, Julia Schimpf, Claus A.M. Seidel, Roland K.O. Sigel, Magnus Berg Sletfjerding, Johannes Thomsen, Leonie Vollmar, Simon Wanninger, Keith R. Weninger, Pengning Xu, Sonja Schmid

Figure extracted from Götz et al.

Best practices for design and fabrication of biomicrofluidic devices by resin 3D printing. Hannah B. Musgrove, Megan A. Catterton, Rebecca R. Pompano

Figure extracted from Musgrove et al.
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