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Here is a curated selection of preprints published recently. In this post, we focus specifically on preprints using microscopy tools in different fields such as cell biology, plant biology, microbiology, and neuroscience.

Actin-microtubule dynamic composite forms responsive active matter with memory. Ondrej Kucera, Jeremie Gaillard, Christophe Guerin, Manuel Thery, Laurent Blanchoin

Figure extracted from Kucera et al.

The architecture of the actin network can balance the pushing forces produced by growing microtubules. Shohei Yamamoto, Jeremie Gaillard, Benoit Vianay, Christophe Guerin, Magali Orhant-Prioux, Laurent Blanchoin, Manuel Thery

Figure extracted from Yamamoto et al.

Actin networks modulate heterogenous NF-κB dynamics in response to TNFα. Francesca Butera, Julia E Sero, Lucas G Dent, Chris Bakal

Figure extracted from Butera et al.

Pericentrin is a Kinesin-1 Activator that Drives Centriole Motility. Matthew R Hannaford, Rong Liu, Neil Billington, Zachary T Swider, Brian J Galletta, Carey J Fagerstrom, Christian Combs, James R Sellers, Nasser M Rusan

Figure extracted from Hannaford et al.

Cryo-EM structure of an active central apparatus. Long Han, Qinhui Rao, Renbin Yang, Yue Wang, Pengxin Chai, Yong Xiong, Kai Zhang

Figure extracted from Han et al.

Fat2 polarizes the WAVE complex in trans to align cell protrusions for collective migration. Audrey M Williams, Seth Donoughe, Edwin Munro, Sally Horne-Badovinac

Figure extracted from Williams et al.

Matrix viscoelasticity controls spatio-temporal tissue organization. Alberto Elosegui-Artola, Anupam Gupta, Alexander J Najibi, Bo Ri Seo, Ryan Garry, Christina M Tringides, Irene de Lázaro, Max Darnell, Wei Gu, Qiao Zhou, David Weitz, L Mahadevan, David Mooney

Figure extracted from Elosegui-Artola et al.

In vivo imaging of calcium dynamics in zebrafish hepatocytes. Macarena Pozo-Morales, Ines Garteizgogeascoa, Camille Perazzolo, Sumeet Pal Singh

Figure extracted from Pozo-Morales et al.

Mitochondrial Network Configuration Influences Sarcomere and Myosin Filament Structure in Striated Muscles. Prasanna Katti, Alexander S. Hall, Peter T. Ajayi, Yuho Kim, T. Bradley Willingham, Christopher K. E. Bleck, Han Wen, Brian Glancy

Figure extracted from Katti et al.

Reconstitution of muscle cell microtubule organization in vitro. Rebecca Heald, Ambika Nadkarni

Figure extracted from Heald et al.

A Microtubule Mechanostat Enables Cells to Navigate Confined Environments. Robert J. Ju, Alistair D. Falconer, Caitlyn K.X. Tang, Kevin M. Dean, Reto P. Fiolka, David P. Sester, Max Nobis, Paul Timpson, Alexis J. Lomakin, Melanie D. White, Dietmar B. Oelz, Nikolas K. Haass, Samantha J. Stehbens

Figure extracted from Ju et al.

Septins mediate a microtubule-actin crosstalk that enables actin growth on microtubules. Konstantinos Nakos, Megan R Radler, Ilona A Kesisova, Megan R Tomasso, Shae B. Padrick, Elias T Spiliotis

Figure extracted from Nakos et al.

Pectin cell wall remodeling through PLL12 and callose deposition through polar CALS7 are necessary for long-distance phloem transport. Lothar Kalmbach, Matthieu Bourdon, Jung-ok Heo, Sofia Otero, Bernhard Blob, Yrjo Helariutta

Figure extracted from Kalmbach et al.

Endothelial transmigration hotspots limit vascular leakage through heterogeneous expression of ICAM1. Max L.B. Grönloh, Janine J.G. Arts, Sebastián Palacios Martínez, Amerens A. van der Veen, Lanette Kempers, Abraham C.I. van Steen, Joris J.T.H. Roelofs, Martijn A. Nolte, Joachim Goedhart, Jaap D. van Buul

Figure extracted from Grönloh et al.

Human endothelial cells display a rapid and fluid flow dependent tensional stress increase in response to tumor necrosis factor-α. Matthias Brandt, Volker Gerke, Timo Betz

Figure extracted from Brandt et al.

3D-imaging reveals conserved cerebrospinal fluid drainage via meningeal lymphatic vasculature in mice and humans. Laurent Jacob, Jose de Brito Neto, Stephanie Lenck, Celine Corcy, Farhat Benbelkacem, Luiz Henrique Medeiros Geraldo, Yunling Xu, Jean-Mickael Thomas, Marie-Renee El Kamouh, Marie-Claude Potier, Stephane Haik, Stephane Lehericy, Anne Eichmann, Jean-Leon Thomas

Figure extracted from Jacob et al.

Amacrine cells shape retinal functions while dynamically preserving circuits for colour vision. Xinwei Wang, Paul A Roberts, Takeshi Yoshimatsu, Leon Lagnado, Tom Baden

Figure extracted from Wang et al.

A brain atlas of the camouflaging dwarf cuttlefish, Sepia bandensis. Tessa G. Montague, Isabelle J. Rieth, Sabrina Gjerswold-Selleck, Daniella Garcia-Rosales, Sukanya Aneja, Dana Elkis, Nanyan Zhu, Sabrina Kentis, Frederick A. Rubino, Adriana Nemes, Katherine Wang, Luke A. Hammond, Roselis Emiliano, Rebecca A. Ober, Jia Guo, Richard Axel

Figure extracted from Montague et al.

Cell cycle dynamics controls fluidity of the developing mouse neuroepithelium. Laura Bocanegra-Moreno, Amrita Singh, Edouard Hannezo, Marcin Zagorski, Anna Kicheva

Figure extracted from Bocanegra-Moreno et al.

Morphological analysis of human and mouse dendritic spines reveals a morphological continuum and differences across ages and species. Netanel Ofer, Ruth Benavides-Piccione, Javier DeFelipe, Rafael Yuste

Figure extracted from Ofer et al.

Septin-Mediated Mechanobiological Reprogramming of T Cell Transmigration and 3D Motility. Alexander S. Zhovmer, Alexis Manning, Chynna Smith, Yashavantha L. Vishweshwaraiah, Jian Wang, Pablo J. Sáez, Xuefei Ma, Alexander X. Cartagena-Rivera, Rakesh K. Singh, Nikolay V. Dokholyan, Erdem D. Tabdanov

Figure extracted from Zhovmer et al.

Cell cycle and developmental control of cortical excitability in Xenopus laevis. Zac T Swider, Ani Michaud, Marcin Leda, Jennifer Landino, Andrew B Goryachev, William M Bement

Figure extracted from Swider et al.

Developmental origins of cell heterogeneity in the human lung. Alexandros Sountoulidis, Sergio Marco Salas, Emelie Braun, Christophe Avenel, Joseph Bergenstråhle, Marco Vicari, Paulo Czarnewski, Jonas Theelke, Andreas Liontos, Xesus Abalo, Žaneta Andrusivová, Michaela Asp, Xiaofei Li, Lijuan Hu, Sanem Sariyar, Anna Martinez Casals, Burcu Ayoglu, Alexandra Firsova, Jakob Michaëlsson, Emma Lundberg, Carolina Wählby, Erik Sundström, Sten Linnarsson, Joakim Lundeberg, Mats Nilsson, Christos Samakovlis

Figure extracted from Sountoulidis et al.

Live-Cell Imaging in Human Colonic Monolayers Reveals Erk Waves Limit the Stem Cell Compartment to Maintain Epithelial Homeostasis. Kelvin W. Pond, Olga Alkhimenok, Jayati Chakrabarti, Yana Zavros, Curtis A Thorne, Andrew L Paek

Figure panels extracted from Sountoulidis et al.

Architecture and self-assembly of the jumbo bacteriophage nuclear shell. Thomas G. Laughlin, Amar Deep, Amy M. Prichard, Christian Seitz, Yajie Gu, Eray Enustun, Sergey Suslov, Kanika Khanna, Erica A. Birkholz, Emily Armbruster, J. Andrew McCammon, Rommie E. Amaro, Joe Pogliano, Kevin D. Corbett, Elizabeth Villa

Figure extracted from Laughlin et al.

A centimeter-long bacterium with DNA compartmentalized in membrane-bound organelles. Jean-Marie Volland, Silvina Gonzalez-Rizzo, Olivier Gros, Tomáš Tyml, Natalia Ivanova, Frederik Schulz, Danielle Goudeau, Nathalie H Elisabeth, Nandita Nath, Daniel Udwary, Rex R Malmstrom, Chantal Guidi-Rontani, Susanne Bolte-Kluge, Karen M Davies, Maïtena R Jean, Jean-Louis Mansot, Nigel J Mouncey, Esther Angert, Tanja Woyke, Shailesh V Date

Figure extracted from Volland et al.
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