Microscopy preprints – New tools and techniques

Posted by , on 25 March 2022

Here is a curated selection of preprints published recently. In this post, we focus specifically on new imaging tools only.

Low-cost and open-source super-resolution fluorescence microscope with autofocus for teaching and research. Justin D. Hanselman, Benjamin G. Kopek

Figure extracted from Hanselman and Kopek

Improved fluorescent proteins for dual-color post-embedding CLEM. Dingming Peng, Na Li, Wenting He, Kim Ryun Drasbek, Tao Xu, Mingshu Zhang, Pingyong Xu

Figure extracted from Peng et al.

GANscan: continuous scanning microscopy using deep learning deblurring. Michael John Fanous, Gabriel Popescu

Can DyeCycling break the photobleaching limit in single-molecule FRET? Benjamin Vermeer, Sonja Schmid

Figure extracted from Vermeer and Schmid

Characterization of red fluorescent reporters for dual-color in vivo three-photon microscopy. Michael A. Thornton, Gregory L. Futia, Michael E. Stockton, Baris N. Ozbay, Karl Kilborn, Diego Restrepo, Emily A. Gibson, Ethan G. Hughes

CyberSco.Py: open-source software for event-based, conditional microscopy. Lionel Chiron, Matthias LeBec, Céline Cordier, Sylvain Pouzet, Dimitrije Milunov, Alvaro Banderas, Jean-Marc Di Meglio, Benoit Sorre, Pascal Hersen

Figure extracted from Chiron et al.

Spinning Disk Multifocal Microscopy for Dynamic Arbitrarily Shaped Surface Imaging at Centimetre Scale and Micrometre Resolution. Hao Xie, Xiaofei Han, Guihua Xiao, Hanyun Xu, Yuanlong Zhang, Guoxun Zhang, Qingwei Li, Jin He, Dan Zhu, Xinguang Yu, Qionghai Dai

An Open-source, Cost-Efficient Excitation Module for Single-molecule Microscopy. Dylan R. George, Benjamin Ambrose, Ashley J. Cadby, Timothy D. Craggs

Figure extracted from George et al.

Light-sheet mesoscopy with the Mesolens provides fast sub-cellular resolution imaging throughout large tissue volumes. Eliana Battistella, Jan Schniete, Katrina Wesencraft, Juan Quintana, Gail McConnell

Figure extracted from Battistella et al.

PyZebraScope: an open-source platform for brain-wide neural activity imaging in zebrafish. Rani Barbara, Madhu Nagathihalli Kantharaju, Ravid Haruvi, Kyle Harrington, Takashi Kawashima

Figure extracted from Barbara et al.

Near Infrared-II Fluorescent protein for In-vivo Imaging. Zong Chang, ChenChen Liu, Shubi Zhao, Jiaqi Chen, Xiaoping Zhang, Hanyu Tian, Qinchao Sun

Directed evolution of a bright variant of mCherry: Suppression of non-radiative decay by fluorescence lifetime selections. Srijit Mukherjee, Premashis Manna, Sheng-Ting Hung, Felix Vietmeyer, Pia Friis, Amy Palmer, Ralph Jimenez

Figure extracted from Mukherjee et al.
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