Electron Microscopy Facility Manager, Biosciences, Durham University, UK

Posted by , on 28 April 2022

The Department of Biosciences is seeking a talented and dedicated electron microscopist to manage the Electron Microscopy (EM) Facility and to carry out and/or oversee all EM work in the facility.

* Work with research groups, collaborators and external users, to provide and help to provide, high quality EM data for publication, grant applications and commercial collaborators.
* Training and teaching EM methods and theory to users and students at all levels.
* Maintaining and developing the facility.
* Involvement in a wide range of research projects using a variety of organisms and specimens.

Current work in the department involving EM includes: biomedicine, biofuels, plant sciences, bioengineering, viruses, protozoan parasites and numerous model organisms such as DrosophilaC. elegans, yeasts and Arabidopsis. For instance, EM is used to assess skin and other complex 3D model systems, cytoskeletal organisation in plants, mammals and invertebrates, extracellular matrix secretion and organisation, nuclear pore complex and nuclear envelope structure, organisation and roles in cellular functions and biomechanical properties, as well as analysis of isolated proteins and complexes.

Imaging is a strategic focus of the department. The EM facility works closely with the Light Microscopy facility, which has the latest super-resolution, functional imaging, confocal and live microscopies. We would like to continue to develop this link with correlative light and electron microscopy methods.  

Facilities include state-of-the-art specimen preparation and imaging instrumentation: Leica EM ICE high pressure freezer (HPF) with light stimulation; Leica robotic freeze substitution (FS) units with agitation modules; Leica EM TRIM; Leica UC7 and UC6 ultramicrotomes with cryo-stages and array tomography; Carbon coating/metal evaporation unit; High resolution chromium/platinum/other metal sputter coater with cryo-stage; Hitachi H7600 TEM with EMSIS Xarosa 20MP camera; Hitachi S-5200 field emission, in-lens high resolution SEM with cryo-stage.

Department of Biosciences
Grade 7: – £34,304 – £40,927 per annum
Open-Ended/Permanent – Full Time
Contracted Hours per Week: 35
Closing Date : 10-Jun-2022, 11:59:00 PM

For more information and contact details for enquiries, please follow the following link:
Job Description – Electron Microscopy Facility Manager (22000472) (
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