Senior Biosystems Technical Manager, Nikon Instruments, Melville, NY

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Overall responsibilities:

The main responsibilities of the Senior Biosystems Technical Manager are to become; a go to technical expert for high-end microscope systems, to support the Applications & Training Team’s responsibilities related to product training and documentation, and to perform technical training in all areas of advanced microscopy applications.

You will work with our product managers, service teams, software support team, and training team to learn and document our products at the highest level. This will include developing optimal assembly, alignment, and install procedures, establish common troubleshooting strategies, and disseminate knowledge, skills and expertise via various documentation, trainings and discussions.

You will provide technical support and expertise to our national sales team to assist them in their pursuit to support our customers’ abilities to leverage Nikon technologies and products to their fullest.

The SBTM serves as a key member of the Applications & Training Team providing technical and applications support expert throughout the company. This is done through; delivering trainings to various internal teams and stakeholders, helping with customer troubleshooting and assisting with product demonstrations.

As part of the Applications & Training Team you will serve as a trainer for Nikon Instruments. These responsibilities include; conducting product trainings, delivering core fundamental training for all new staff and leading a program of continuous learning and development.

As an essential member of the training team, you will; author product manuals, installation guides and troubleshooting workflows, develop eLearning content, present lectures and facilitate hands-on learning.

You will work directly with a close-knit team. You will support one another to answer technical questions, and assist one another to develop, maintain and deliver training material for in person and online courses

To help you develop a deep expertise across the Nikon Instruments product line and maintain the highest understanding of our market and emerging customer applications you will receive industry leading training on Nikon products, applications, sales process, and microscope theory. To bolster your knowledge of the microscopy industry landscape you will attend and represent Nikon at national meetings, trade shows, globally recognized microscopy courses and critical customer based events.

With the experience and expertise, you gather through continuous customer and sales team interactions you will serve a vital role in providing relevant feedback on product development and product roadmaps to US product managers as well as our design team in Japan.

Key areas of responsibility:

* Develop materials that support the successful usage, demonstration, setup and operation of Nikon products
* Serve as a top level technical and applications expert across the Nikon Instruments product line.
* Develop documentation to support the technical aspects of our products. Including installation manuals, alignment and set-up guides, troubleshooting workflows.
* Suggest ideal strategies for training staff on new products
* Support the training requirements for our Service, Software Support, and Sales teams.
* Collaborate and share experiences between Nikon design department, US R&D team, 3rd party vendors and global Nikon teams.
* Deliver trainings, courses and lectures as part of The Nikon Training Program
* Support sales staff learning through the facilitation of hands-on training and learning activities
* Author training course materials
* Develop eLearning content for Nikon’s online Learning Management System (LMS)
* Assist with the creation of a training curriculum to cover the full range of Nikon products and applications
* Conduct High Tech customer training workshops in advanced techniques and applications
* Establish ongoing relationships with key customers
* Maintain an understanding of competitive products and solutions and share insight on how to complete against them with Nikon offerings
* Serve as a technical expert for; customer demonstrations, during customer installations and for customer trainings
* Act as a liaison between the sales team, service team and software support teams for troubleshooting customer problems and system performance
* Support Nikon’s involvement in Courses and Workshops at venues such as MBL (Marine Biological Labs) and CSHL (Cold Spring Harbor Labs).

This is a hybrid position requiring ~40% time working from our Head Office in Melville, NY and travel up to 25% to fulfill essential and ancillary functions (includes overnight and possibly international travel) is required.

Ancillary responsibilities:

* Attend regional and national trade shows and workshops, Sales training and Instruments Company National Sales Meetings.
* Learn and apply the Nikon Instruments Inc. Sales Approach (NIISA) and integrate our sales strategy into product and technical trainings
* Assist with the support of global training activities and initiatives
* Report on Key Events, Product Issues, Lost Orders, Business Trends, and Emerging Applications,
* Work outside of normal hours of operation, as needed, in order to fulfill essential functions and responsibilities.
* All other duties as assigned


* 5 + years’ experience in light microscopy, specifically in advanced BioScience technologies, including but not limited to, Super Resolution, Confocal Microscopy, TIRF microscopy, FRET, FRAP, Spectral and Lifetime Imaging.
* Ph.D. or equivalent experience in BioSciences, Bioengineering, or Physics with optics specialty
* Extensive knowledge of light microscopy and advanced BioScience technologies
* Knowledge in optics, imaging and software applications
* Mechanical aptitude and ability to assembly, align and troubleshoot high end instrumentation.
* Excellent quantitative skills
* Excellent presentation skills
* Ability to routinely access and visit customer sites, universities, hospitals and other venues.
* Ability to develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with others in a team-selling environment, and maintain them over time.

Education, skills & experience:

* 5 + years’ experience in light microscopy
* Ph.D. in BioSciences, Bioengineering, or Physics with optics specialty
* Experience in advanced Bioscience technologies, including but not limited to, Super Resolution, Confocal Microscopy, TIRF microscopy, FRET, FRAP, Spectral and Lifetime Imaging is preferred.
* Microsoft applications (e.g. Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
* Understanding and experience with advanced fluorescence, laser and confocal microscope applications.
* Mechanical aptitude for instrument assembly and integration
* Experience in providing corporate training, technical support, and education on highly technical equipment and/or scientific applications
* Ability to use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.
* Current, valid Driver license
* Ability to sit and stand for long periods of time
* Ability to lift and carry up to 40lbs
* Ability to drive, utilize public transportation, travel by air, including overnight hotel stays

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