Research Associate (MRC Toxicology Unit, Cambridge)

Posted by , on 19 July 2022

The ‘Molecular Mechanisms of Airway Protection’ research group, led by Vito Mennella, is focussed on investigating pathways that are regulated during airway cells differentiation and mucociliary clearance, a key process protecting lung epithelial surface, when exposed to inhaled toxicants such as particulate matter, microplastics and infectious agents in healthy and disease states.

We are looking for a highly independent Research Associate with strong experience in airway biology, primary airway cellular models, organoids or stem cell biology to join our group. The ideal candidate will have extensive supervision experience of trainees and track record of timely project delivery. The post-holder will be expected to develop her/his own projects, in line with lab strategic interests.

The project offers the exciting opportunity to integrate airway molecular and cell biology methods with advanced imaging technologies (Super-resolution Microscopy and FIB-SEM) and high-throughput protein-protein interactions methods (Bio-ID) to enable characterisation/obtain novel insights on multiprotein signalling complexes that regulate airway defence during environmental exposure. Knowledge of but not restricted to CRISPR/Cas9 methods, cell isolation methods for scRNAseq and lentivirus-based assays are particularly welcomed.

The MRC Toxicology Unit is an internationally renowned institution focussed on the delivery of field-changing mechanistic insights into toxicology and disease. The Unit is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities fully supported as central core facilities with unlimited access including super resolution microscopy, mass spectrometry, Cryo-EM, advanced flow-cytometry and offers excellent opportunities for postdoctoral development.

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