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Microscopy preprints – new tool and techniques in imaging

Posted by , on 9 September 2022

Here is a curated selection of preprints published recently. In this post, we focus specifically on preprints on new tools and techniques in imaging .

Characterization, Comparison, and Optimization of Lattice Light Sheets
Gaoxiang Liu, Xiongtao Ruan, Daniel E. Milkie, Frederik Görlitz, Matthew Mueller, Wilmene Hercule, Alison Kililea, Eric Betzig, Srigokul Upadhyayula

Testing lattice lightsheets
Figure extracted from Liu, et al.

MesoTIRF: a Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence illuminator for axial super-resolution membrane imaging at the mesoscale
S. Foylan, W. B. Amos, J. Dempster, L. Kölln, C. G. Hansen, M. Shaw, G. McConnell

Figure extracted from Foylan, et al.

Locating cellular contents during cryoFIB milling by cellular secondary-electron imaging
Chao Lin, Li Zhang, Ziying Zhang, Yifeng Jiang, Xueming Li

DNA-PAINT single-particle tracking (DNA-PAINT-SPT) enables extended single-molecule studies of membrane protein interactions
Christian Niederauer, Chikim Nguyen, Miles Wang-Henderson, Johannes Stein, Sebastian Strauss, Alex Cumberworth, Florian Stehr, Ralf Jungmann, Petra Schwille, Kristina A. Ganzinger

Figure extracted from Niederauer, et al.

Spontaneously blinking fluorophores for accelerated MINFLUX nanoscopy
Michael Remmel, Lukas Scheiderer, Alexey N. Butkevich, Mariano L. Bossi, Stefan W. Hell

Fast4DReg: Fast registration of 4D microscopy datasets
Joanna W Pylvänäinen, Romain F Laine, Sujan Ghimire, Gautier Follain, Ricardo Henriques, Guillaume Jacquemet

Figure extracted from Pylvänäinen, et al.

SOGO-SOFI, light-modulated super-resolution optical fluctuation imaging using only 20 raw frames for high-fidelity reconstruction
Fudong Xue, Wenting He, Dingming Peng, Hui You, Mingshu Zhang, Pingyong Xu

Figure extracted from Xue, et al.

SPIM-Flow, an integrated light-sheet and microfluidics platform for hydrodynamic studies of Hydra
Per Niklas Hedde, Erika L. Gomez, Leora Duong, Robert E. Steele, Siavash Ahrar

Figure extracted from Hedde, et al.

Enhancing Robustness, Precision and Speed of Traction Force Microscopy with Machine Learning
Felix S. Kratz, Lars Möllerherm, Jan Kierfeld

Figure extracted from Kratz, et al.

A Glass Phase Plate for Wavelength Sensitive Superresolution Microscopy
Sanduni I. Fernando, Jason T. Martineau, Thien N. Vu, Brian Baker, Rob J. Hobson, Brian Mueller, Rajesh Menon, Erik M. Jorgensen, Jordan M. Gerton

Figure extracted from Fernando, et al.

Multiplexed and millimeter-scale superresolution imaging of cells and tissue sections via prism-illumination and microfluidics-enhanced DNA-PAINT
Matthew J Rames, John Kenison, Daniel Heineck, Fehmi Civitci, Malwina Szczepaniak, Kai Tao, Ting Zheng, Julia Shangguan, Sadik Esener, Xiaolin Nan

Figure extracted from Rames, et al.

An Optimized Buffer for Repeatable Multicolor STORM
Vaky Abdelsayed, Hadjer Boukhatem, Nicolas Olivier

Figure extracted from Abdelsayed, et al.

High-fidelity 3D live-cell nanoscopy through data-driven enhanced super-resolution radial fluctuation
Romain F. Laine, Hannah S. Heil, Simao Coelho, Jonathon Nixon-Abell, Angélique Jimenez, Tommaso Galgani, Aki Stubb, Gautier Follain, Samantha Webster, Jesse Goyette, Siân Culley, Guillaume Jacquemet, Bassam Hajj, Christophe Leterrier, Ricardo Henriques

Figure extracted from Laine, et al.

Expansion microscopy at one nanometer resolution
Ali H. Shaib, Abed Alrahman Chouaib, Vanessa Imani, Rajdeep Chowdhury, Svilen Veselinov Georgiev, Nikolaos Mougios, Mehar Monga, Sofiia Reshetniak, Daniel Mihaylov, Han Chen, Parisa Fatehbasharzad, Dagmar Crzan, Kim-Ann Saal, Claudia Trenkwalder, Brit Mollenhauer, Tiago F. Outeiro, Julia Preobraschenski, Ute Becherer, Tobias Moser, Edward S. Boyden, A Radu Aricescu, Markus Sauer, Felipe Opazo, Silvio O. Rizzoli

Figure extracted from Shaib, et al.

Precise targeting for 3D cryo-correlative light and electron microscopy volume imaging of tissues using a FinderTOP
Marit de Beer, Deniz Daviran, Rona Roverts, Luco Rutten, Elena Macías Sánchez, Jurriaan R. Metz, Nico Sommerdijk, Anat Akiva

Quantitative multiplexed imaging of chromatin ultrastructure with Decode-PAINT
Hiroshi M. Sasaki, Jocelyn Y. Kishi, Chao-ting Wu, Brian J. Beliveau, Peng Yin

Figure extracted from Sasaki, et al.

Cloud-controlled microscopy enables remote project-based biology education in Latinx communities in the United States and Latin America
Pierre V. Baudin, Raina E. Sacksteder, Atesh K. Worthington, Kateryna Voitiuk, Victoria T. Ly, Ryan N. Hoffman, Matthew A.T. Elliott, David F. Parks, Rebecca Ward, Sebastian Torres-Montoya, Finn Amend, Natalia Montellano Duran, Paola A. Vargas, Guadalupe Martinez, Lucia Elena Alvarado-Arnez, Drew Ehrlich, Yohei M. Rosen, Arnar Breevoort, Tallulah Schouten, Sri Kurniawan, David Haussler, Mircea Teodorescu, Mohammed A. Mostajo-Radji

Figure extracted from Baudin, et al.
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