Microscopy preprints – new tool and techniques in imaging

Posted by , on 21 October 2022

Here is a curated selection of preprints published recently. In this post, we focus specifically on preprints on new tools and techniques in imaging.

A Practical Approach for Optimizing Off-axis Telecentric Digital Holographic Microscope Design
Lei Jin, Ziyang Yu, Aaron Au, Christopher M. Yip

Figure extracted from Jin, et al.

MicroFPGA: an affordable FPGA platform for microscope control
Joran Deschamps, Christian Kieser, Philipp Hoess, Takahiro Deguchi, Jonas Ries

Figure extracted from Deschamps, et al.

A self-blinking DNA probe for live-cell 3D imaging of native chromatin
Yang Zheng, Sen Ye, Shumin Li, Cuifang Liu, Shihang Luo, Yanqin Chen, Yunsheng Li, Lingyi Huang, Shan Deng, Ping Chen, Yongdeng Zhang, Wei Ji, Ruibang Luo, Guohong Li, Dan Yang

Peptide-PAINT using a transfected-docker enables live- and fixed-cell super-resolution imaging
Barun Kumar Maity, Duncan Nall, Yongjae Lee, Paul R Selvin

Figure extracted from Kumar Maity, et al.

Miniaturised structured illumination microscopy using two 3-axis MEMS micromirrors
Peter Tinning, Mark Donnachie, Jay Christopher, Deepak Uttamchandani, Ralf Bauer

Figure extracted from Tinning, et al.

Automated STED nanoscopy for high-throughput imaging of cellular structures
Frank N. Mol, Rifka Vlijm

Two-color live-cell STED nanoscopy by click labeling with cell-permeable fluorophores
Carola Gregor, Florian Grimm, Jasmin Rehman, Christian A. Wurm, Alexander Egner

HOPE-SIM, a cryo-structured illumination fluorescence microscopy system for accurately targeted cryo-electron tomography
Shuoguo Li, Xing Jia, Tongxin Niu, Xiaoyun Zhang, Chen Qi, Wei Xu, Hongyu Deng, Fei Sun, Gang Ji

Figure extracted from Li, et al.

Combined Scattering, Interferometric and Fluorescence Oblique Illumination for Live Cell Nanoscale Imaging
Yujie Zheng, Yean Jin Lim, Hanqi Lin, Tienan Xu, Carmen Longbottom, Viviane Delghingaro-Augusto, Yee Lin Thong, Christopher R. Parish, Elizabeth E. Gardiner, Woei Ming Lee

Figure extracted from Zheng, et al.

Determination of oligomeric states of proteins via dual-color colocalization with single molecule localization microscopy
Hua Leonhard Tan, Stefanie Bungert-Plümke, Daniel Kortzak, Christoph Fahlke, Gabriel Stölting

ISM-FLUX: MINFLUX with an array detector*
Eli Slenders, Giuseppe Vicidomini

Figure extracted from Slenders, et al.

Optimized fluorescent proteins for 4-color and photoconvertible live-cell imaging in Neurospora crassa
Ziyan Wang, Bradley M. Bartholomai, Jennifer J. Loros, Jay C. Dunlap

Field dependent deep learning enables high-throughput whole-cell 3D super-resolution imaging
Shuang Fu, Wei Shi, Tingdan Luo, Yingchuan He, Lulu Zhou, Jie Yang, Zhichao Yang, Jiadong Liu, Xiaotian Liu, Zhiyong Guo, Chengyu Yang, Chao Liu, Zhen-li Huang, Jonas Ries, Mingjie Zhang, Peng Xi, Dayong Jin, Yiming Li

Figure extracted from Fu, et al.

Time-lapse mechanical imaging of neural tube closure in live embryo using Brillouin microscopy
Chenchen Handler, Giuliano Scarcelli, Jitao Zhang

Figure extracted from Handler, et al.

Live Cell Multicolour Lifetime Imaging Using Genetically Encodable Fluorophores
Tobias Starling, Irene Carlon-Andres, Maro Iliopoulou, David J. Williamson, Sergi Padilla-Parra

Figure extracted from Starling, et al.

Quantitative fluorescence emission anisotropy microscopy for implementing homo-FRET measurements in living cells
Thomas S van Zanten, Greeshma Pradeep S, Satyajit Mayor

Figure extracted from van Zanten, et al.

Scanning Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (scanSMLM) for super-resolution optical volume imaging
Jigmi Basumatary, Neptune Baro, Prakash Joshi, Partha Pratim Mondal

Figure extracted from Basumatary, et al.

CryoFIB milling large tissue samples for cryo-electron tomography
Sihan Wang, Heng Zhou, Wei Chen, Yifeng Jiang, Xuzhen Yan, Hong You, Xueming Li

Cryo-plasma FIB/SEM volume imaging of biological specimens
Maud Dumoux, Thomas Glen, Elaine M. L. Ho, Luís M. A. Perdigão, Sven Klumpe, Neville B.-y. Yee, David Farmer, Jake L. R. Smith, Pui Yiu Audrey Lai, William Bowles, Ron Kelley, Jürgen M. Plitzko, Liang Wu, Mark Basham, Daniel K. Clare, C. Alistair Siebert, Michele C. Darrow, James H. Naismith, Michael Grange

Figure extracted from Dumoux, et al.

Technical insights into fluorescence lifetime microscopy of mechanosensitive Flipper probes
Chloé Roffay, Juan Manuel Garcia Arcos, Pierrik Chapuis, Javier López-Andarias, Adai Colom, Caterina Tomba, Ilaria Di Meglio, Stefan Matile, Aurélien Roux, Vincent Mercier

Figure extracted from Roffay, et al.
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