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Posted by , on 13 December 2023

Community surveys often point to the biggest bottleneck in excellent bioimaging science being image analysis. That’s why the RMS DAIM committee and their friends across the world are putting the fantastic forum “on the road” and staging a first of its kind event which we’re calling LIVE! around the world”.

All the info you need is here: LIVE around the world! – Announcements – Forum and in the attached poster. Any questions email

Do you have a bioimage analysis question that you would like to discuss with an expert in a live consultation? You are in luck! The “ LIVE! around the world” event is coming!
Mark your calendar for January 18th (Europe, Africa, Americas)-19th (Asia, Aus, NZ)– we’ll meet on GatherTown and you will be able to chat directly to our image analysis experts (more details about the exact timetable to be confirmed shortly).
Post your questions in advance here on to help us match you with the best person and time zone, ideally before January 11th. In the post please tell us:
1.      what is your question (no question is too small to ask)
2.      how does your data look – please include a raw data example if possible
3.      what software you would like to use (Fiji, Icy, Cell Profiler, QuPath, Napari, something else?)
4.      which time zones would work best for you

Please see poster or thread for an example post!

We are actively recruiting image analysts from around the world who would like to attend on the day, either answering the posts to, networking with colleagues, or helping organise the event in their local timezone. Please email Georgina if you are interested. We hope this will provide a new way to meet other image analysts in your time zone, so even if you don’t answer any user posts you can drop by and say hello.

Dave Barry, Rocco D’Antuono, Georgina Fletcher, David Gaboriau, Martin Jones, Stefania Marcotti, Dale Moulding, Maddy Parsons

PS Thanks to the Crick Networking Fund for supporting us 😊!

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