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Support for your next sustainable scientific event in 2024

Posted by , on 9 January 2024

Scientific conferences and workshops play a crucial role in promoting collaborations and spreading awareness about new advancement done in the field. If you are interested in how to organise this type of events in a more sustainable manner, we are happy to support you.  

If you do not know where to start, feel free to email me at sustainability@biologists.com and I am happy to help you start in building your sustainable strategy for your events. Feel free to also check our blogs with advice on how to make events more sustainable.

We are also keen to support your sustainability commitments for your next event financially with our Sustainable Conferencing Grants. As part of our Sustainable Conferencing Initiative, we offer grants to support innovative ideas that enable biologists to collaborate productively while minimising their impact on the environment – for example by:

  • Reducing travel requirements
  • Increasing accessibility and inclusivity
  • Improving interaction opportunities for geographically diverse participants
  • Enhancing the ‘human’ experience of virtual meetings

If you wish to find out more about our Sustainable Conferencing Grant and how to apply for it, please access the website: https://www.biologists.com/sustainability-hub/sustainable-conferencing-initiative/grants/.

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