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New Reviews Editor at Journal of Cell Science

Posted by , on 25 January 2024

Dear FocalPlane community,

Hi all, my name is Sara Morais da Silva and I recently joined the Company of Biologists as a Reviews Editor for the Journal of Cell Science.  In my new role, I will be working together with the JCS team, to publish review-type articles, Research Highlights and Cell Science at a glance posters. I will also be involved in FocalPlane.

I completed my PhD with Dr Robin Lovell-Badge at the NIMR, Mill Hill, focussing on the role of SOX9 during gonadal development. Sox9 plays an essential role in sex determination and is a critical Sertoli cell differentiation factor. Subsequently during my post-doctoral studies, I studied proximodistal identity during amphibian limb regeneration (with Professor Jeremy Brockes, UCL), specifically on Prod1, a cell surface protein implicated in the local cell-cell interactions mediating positional identity. Returning to Mill Hill, I studied the role of oriented cell divisions in the extending germband of Drosophila (with Dr Jean-Paul Vincent), and finally the non-kinetochore dependent function of the cell cycle spindle assembly checkpoint protein Bub3 (with Professor Claudio Sunkel (I3S, (Porto, Portugal)).  

After a career break of 4 years, I was able to return to science thanks to a Wellcome Trust career re-entry fellowship. As an independent researcher at the University of Cambridge, I studied the crosstalk between cell cycle and metabolism using Drosophila as a model system. Afterwards, I joined the Charles River Laboratories, a Contract Research Organisation, where I spent a brief period working in drug discovery.

 Optical imaging techniques have always been at the heart of my research, in particular confocal microscopy and life-cell analysis systems. I have spent many hours in a dark room observing labelled molecules acting in cellular processes like the cell cycle or fluorescent cells contributing to morphogenesis. I loved every minute of it. I was privileged to have worked in several excellent research labs, supported by fantastic imaging facilities where I was able to learn and develop technical skills allowing me to capture images from where I could observe events and interpreted data throughout my career.

As a new member of The Company of Biologists, I am looking forward to working with and supporting the biological community.

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