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An interview with Mirko Zimic

Posted by , on 30 May 2023

MiniBio: Dr. Mirko Zimic is a principal investigator at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH) since 2002, where he focuses on the study of tuberculosis using biomedical, biochemical, biophysical and bioinformatics approaches. Mirko began his career studying Physics at Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, in Peru. He later studied a Masters degree in Biochemistry at UPCH, and

An interview with Rosa Isela Gálvez

Posted by , on 23 May 2023

MiniBio: Dr. Rosa Isela Gálvez is currently a postdoctoral fellow at La Jolla Institute for Immunology, where she is characterizing human T cell responses to different viral pathogens, vaccines and exposed populations in endemic regions. She has done most of her career in Germany. She studied her undergraduate degree at the University of Hamburg. She

An interview with Iskra Tuero

Posted by , on 16 May 2023

MiniBio: Dr. Iskra Tuero is a principal investigator at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, where she leads the laboratory of Immunobiology of Infections since 2017. Iskra studied for her undergraduate degree in Cusco, Peru, at Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad. During this time, she found a passion for Biochemistry, which she continued to pursue during

An interview with Piere Rodriguez-Aliaga

Posted by , on 9 May 2023

MiniBio: Dr. Piere Rodriguez-Aliaga is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University, where he uses biochemical and single-molecule techniques to study protein misfolding and aggregation. He began his career in Lima, Peru. He began as a research technician at Universidad Cayetano Heredia, working on an ecology project aiming to better understand endemic and introduced populations

An interview with Pamela Durán

Posted by , on 2 May 2023

MiniBio: Dr. Pamela Duran Toledo is a lecturer at Universidad Mayor de San Andres, where her main focus is infectious diseases and parasitology. She started her career of Clinical Laboratories before entering the field of parasitology. Her work has been developed in various institutions including Universidad del Siglo XX in Potosi, as well as INSAD

An interview with Microscopía Para Todos leaders: Licyel Paulas, Micaela Mendieta, Pamela Perez, Alejandra Guzman

Posted by , on 25 April 2023

MiniBios: Licyel Lenny Paulas Condori is a master’s student in the Interuniversity Molecular Biology Program organized by Vrije Universiteit Brussels, KU Leuven, and Universiteit Antwerpen (Belgium). She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Universidad Mayor de San Simón where she graduated with academic excellence. She has been awarded different scholarships and grants from the

An interview with Estefania Quenta

Posted by , on 18 April 2023

MiniBio: Dr. Estefania Quenta is research associate to the Institute of Ecology at Universidad Mayor de San Andres, Bolivia, and member of the Organization of Women in Science for the Developing World. She has worked as a consultant for the UNEP, and participant in a training program of IPCC (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

An interview with Ana Waleska Quevedo

Posted by , on 11 April 2023

MiniBio: Ana Waleska Quevedo is a researcher at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at Universidad Autónoma Gabriel René Moreno in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. She is also a lecturer at Universidad Católica Boliviana. She is responsible for the Botanics lab at UAGRM. Since early on in her career, she specialized in Plant Anatomy.

An interview with Natalia Montellano

Posted by , on 4 April 2023

MiniBio: Dr. Natalia Montellano is the director of the degree of Biotechnology Engineering at Universidad Catolica Boliviana San Pablo. She is also the current Chair of the Bolivian Chapter of OWSD (Organization of Women in Science in Developing countries). She studied her undergraduate and PhD degrees in Argentina, and was awarded an OWSD-UNESCO fellowship for

An interview with Mauricio Peñarrieta

Posted by , on 28 March 2023

MiniBio: Dr. Mauricio Peñarrieta is a group leader at the Faculty of Chemistry at Universidad Mayor de San Andres, focusing on food chemistry and natural products. He studied his undergraduate degree in Chemistry at the same university, where he first found his interest for organic chemistry, and where he first became familiar with natural product