Education Strategies of Imaging Cores

Posted by , on 1 April 2024

Over the past two decades, high profile research institutions have come to rely on distinct core facilities for much of their data and image analysis. The benefits of the newest technologies are often softened by the costs of purchasing and maintaining such equipment for regular use. For microscopy and imaging, it only made sense that

QuPath and scripting - why isn't it easier?

Posted by , on 29 March 2024

As I explained in my previous post, this journey began because I needed to learn how to master QuPath. I turned it into a vlogging affair to be held accountable, help others, and use it to find common user problems. For the last six weeks I have explored all the ways QuPath can easily help

FocalPlane features... Microscopy Education

Posted by , on 28 March 2024

In our upcoming FocalPlane features... webinar, we're focussing on microscopy education with talks from Jennifer Waters (Director of the Nikon Imaging Center and Lecturer in Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School) and Robert Haase (Training Coordinator at ScaDS.AI, Leipzig University).

The Revenge of LIVE! around the world - the live bioimage analysis helpdesk is returning to a time zone near you!

Posted by , on 25 March 2024

Community surveys often point to the biggest bottleneck in excellent bioimaging science being image analysis. That’s why the RMS DAIM committee and their friends across the world are putting on another event to highlight the fantastic forum. All the info you need is here: LIVE around the world! – Announcements – Forum and in the poster

Microscopy preprints – bioimage analysis

Posted by , on 22 March 2024

Here is a curated selection of preprints published recently. In this post, we focus specifically on bioimage analysis.

From Zero to QuPath Hero - A journey unveiled

Posted by , on 22 March 2024

Laura, a postdoc researcher in biomedical image analysis and artificial intelligence, embarked on her journey with a dedication to improving image analysis tools after completing her PhD at Universidad Carlos III, Madrid. Joining the QuPath team in June 2023, she found an ideal environment to contribute her expertise and innovate in the field. Despite facing

Image Analysis course with Fiji/ImageJ

Posted by , on 20 March 2024

An online course introducing you to the basics of image analysis, including automatic segmentation, colocalisation, denoising, 3D, etc. Two sessions, happening in May and June 2024.

Journal of Cell Science Special Issue: Cell and Tissue Polarity

Posted by , on 18 March 2024

The Journal of Cell Science Special Issue on Cell and Tissue Polarity is now complete. The original research in this Issue, guest edited by David Bryant, covers many aspects of cell polarity, including the roles of both the cytoskeleton and junctions in polarity establishment and maintenance, polarised membrane trafficking, cell division and collective cell migration.

Effectively Communicating Bioimage Analysis workshop - a review

Posted by , on 15 March 2024

On February 12th-15th 2024, Beth Cimini and Kevin Eliceiri organised the “Effectively Communicating Bioimage Analysis” Workshop in Buxted (UK), with the support of The Company of Biologists. They gathered an impressive line-up of bioimage analysis superstars from all over the globe, and opened their doors to early-career researchers to apply for a seat at the

“Image analysis workshop” in Dublin (Ireland) - 24-25/04/2024

Posted by , on 14 March 2024

This two-day workshop on April 24th-25th 2024 is designed to empower microscopists and researchers with the necessary skills and tools to confidently analyse their data. Under the instruction of experienced core facility staff from the Francis Crick Institute and King’s College London, participants will be introduced to open-source tools such as FIJI and napari, and