An interview with Mario Del Rosario

Posted by , on 22 August 2023

MiniBio: Dr. Mario Del Rosario is currently a postdoctoral scientist in the lab of Prof. Ricardo Henriques at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencias, in Oeiras, Portugal. Mario completed his undergraduate studies at Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral, where he studied for a BSc in Biology. He then did a Maters in Research in Biomedical Sciences at

Featured image with Beste Senem Değirmenci

Posted by , on 18 August 2023

Our featured image, ‘Bubbles of The Cell’, shows enlarged endosomal vesicles in HeLa S3 cells upon inhibition of PI(3,5)P2 activity. PI(3,5)P2 is a crucial phosphoinositide involved in the regulation of endosomal trafficking. Depletion of PI(3,5)P2 disrupts the transition from early to late endosomes, leading to the enlargement of endosomal vesicles. Imaged with Leica DMI8 SP8

An interview with Santiago Casado

Posted by , on 15 August 2023

MiniBio: Dr. Santiago Casado is a Chemical Physicist currently working as a Deputy division leader at the Facultad de Ciencia e Ingeniería en Alimentos y Biotecnología Research Department at Universidad Técnica de Ambato, in Ecuador. Dr. Casado studied his undergraduate degree in Physics in Universidad de Cantabria, in Santander, Spain. He then studied his PhD

Microscopy preprints – applications in cell and developmental biology

Posted by , on 11 August 2023

Here is a curated selection of preprints published recently. In this post, we share preprints that use microscopy tools in cell biology and developmental biology.

An interview with Samira Vera

Posted by , on 8 August 2023

MiniBio: Samira is a PhD student in the lab of Mohammed Mostajo at University of California at Santa Cruz, in the USA, where she focuses on neurophysiology and in open science and open education. She started her career in Peru, where she completed her BSc in Genetics and Biotechnology at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San

Advances in Expansion Microscopy

Posted by , on 4 August 2023

Expansion microscopy was introduced in 2015 by Boyden and his team, revolutionizing the way we see biological samples under a microscope1. Taking advantage of the power of physical enlargement, ExM pushes spatial resolution beyond the diffraction limit, allowing us to observe intricate details at previously unimaginable levels. The underlying principle of ExM lies in a

Insights into the leaky Blood Brain Barrier by vEM

Posted by , on 4 August 2023

by Martina Schifferer, German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Munich Cluster for Systems Neurology SyNergy, Germany DOI: 10.1242/focalplane.15936 Challenge The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) controls the exchange between blood and the brain parenchyme. Its structural determinants comprise tight junctions and endothelial vesicles which require resolution at the nanometer scale. In disease like stroke or traumatic brain

Featured image with Outi Paloheimo

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Our featured image is laser scanning confocal microscope image showing cell division of Madin-Darby canine kidney cells with nuclei in grey and filamentous actin in orange. The image was acquired with a Zeiss LSM 780 microscope with a 63x/1.40 oil immersion objective, 405 nm diode laser and 561 nm diode-pumped solid-state laser. Deconvolution was performed

RMS Application Coaching and Personal Mentoring Scheme

Posted by , on 2 August 2023

The RMS Application Coaching and Personal Mentoring Scheme pilot was extended to a twice yearly call for applicants. We are accepting applications until the 31 August 2023 with the next round opening in January 2024. For more details and to apply as a Mentor, Mentee or both please visit this webpage:

NEW Technical Specialist Job Shadowing Scheme!

Posted by , on 2 August 2023

The Technical Specialist Job Shadowing Scheme is a brand new initiative supported by the RMS, Technician Commitment and Technical Specialist Network that is designed to provide scientists on an academic track with an opportunity to visit a UK imaging or flow core facility for up to 5 days. Applications close on 31 August. To find