Bioimaging Neurofilaments in vivo (Postdoc or Engineer)

Posted by , on 18 June 2021

In the context of an ERC funded project, the laboratory of Dr. Bomont (NeuroMyoGene institute, Lyon, France) is recruiting several fellows (2 postdoc, 1 technician/engineer).

In particular, we are seeking highly motivated candidate who wish to apply advanced live microscopy methodologies to study the dynamics of neurofilaments in vivo. This project is multidisciplinary and will be conducted in an enthusiastic lab fascinated about the biology of the cytoskeleton, together with collaborators expert in mathematics and biophysics. If you are passionate about pushing the frontiers of neurobiology using live microscopy, this project is for you!

For details, please see the attached picture (also on our website with higher resolution) and send your application to; our website:; Twitter account: @Pascale.Bomont

URGENT: Deadline for application is 08/31/2021 for a recruitment ASAP.

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