Microscopy preprints – New tools and techniques

Posted by , on 8 October 2021

Here is a curated selection of preprints published recently. In this post, we focus specifically on new imaging tools only.

Preprint selected by Pablo J. Sáez who also participated in our Hot Reads post this month:

A turquoise fluorescence lifetime-based biosensor for quantitative imaging of intracellular calcium. Franka H. van der Linden, Eike K. Mahlandt, Janine J.G. Arts, VJoep Beumer, Jens Puschhof, Saskia M.A. de Man, Anna O. Chertkova, Bas Ponsioen, Hans Clevers, Jaap D. van Buul, Marten Postma, Theodorus W.J. Gadella Jr., Joachim Goedhart

By engineering a fluorescent protein (mTurquoise2), the authors develop a new calcium sensor. This sensor, named Tq-Ca-FLITS, detects calcium and reports with a change in the fluorescence lifetime, which can be calibrated and subsequently used to the measure absolute calcium concentrations. Tq-Ca-FLITS can be targeted to different organelles.

The Incubascope : a simple, compact and large field of view microscope for long-term imaging inside an incubator. Amaury Badon, Laetitia Andrique, Amaël Mombereau, Louis Rivet, Adeline Boyreau, Pierre Nassoy, Gaëlle Recher

Figure extracted from Badon et al.

Multiphoton microscopy for label-free multicolor imaging of peripheral nerve. Lars Rishøj, Iván Coto Hernández, Siddharth Ramachandran, Nate Jowett

Figure extracted from Rishøj et al.

Determination of protein stoichiometries via dual-color colocalization with single molecule localization microscopy. Hua Leonhard Tan, Stefanie Bungert-Plümke, Daniel Kortzak, Christoph Fahlke, Gabriel Stölting

Event-driven acquisition for content-enriched microscopy. Dora Mahecic, Willi L. Stepp, Chen Zhang, Juliette Griffié, Martin Weigert, Suliana Manley

Figure extracted from Mahecic et al.

Acoustic light-sheet microscopy. S. Wunderl, A. Ishijima, E. A. Susaki, Z. Xu, H. Song, H. Zha, T. Azuma, I. Sakuma, H. Fukuoka, E. Okada, H. R. Ueda, S. Takagi, K. Nakagawa

Combined fluorescence, optical diffraction tomography and Brillouin microscopy.
Raimund Schlüßler, Kyoohyun Kim, Martin Nötzel, Anna Taubenberger, Shada Abuhattum, Timon Beck, Paul Müller, Shovamayee Maharana, Gheorghe Cojoc, Salvatore Girardo, Andreas Hermann, Simon Alberti, Jochen Guck

Figure extracted from Schlüßler et al.

ShareLoc – an open platform for sharing localization microscopy data. Jiachuan Bai, Wei Ouyang, Manish Kumar Singh, Christophe Leterrier, Paul Barthelemy, Samuel F.H. Barnett, Teresa Klein, Markus Sauer, Pakorn Kanchanawong, Nicolas Bourg, Mickael M. Cohen, Benoît Lelandais, Christophe Zimmer

Figure extracted from Bai et al.

Versatile, do-it-yourself, low-cost spinning disk confocal microscope. Aaron R. Halpern, Min Yen Lee, Marco D. Howard, Marcus A. Woodworth, Philip R. Nicovich, Joshua C. Vaughan

Figure extracted from Halpern et al.

A hybrid open-top light-sheet microscope for multi-scale imaging of cleared tissues. Adam K. Glaser, Kevin W. Bishop, Lindsey A. Barner, Etsuo A. Susaki, Shimpei I. Kubota, Gan Gao, Robert B. Serafin, Pooja Balaram, Emily Turschak, Philip R. Nicovich, Hoyin Lai, Luciano A.G. Lucas, Yating Yi, Eva K. Nichols, Hongyi Huang, Nicholas P. Reder, Jasmine J. Wilson, Ramya Sivakumar, Elya Shamskhou, Caleb R. Stoltzfus, Xing Wei, Andrew K. Hempton, Marko Pende, Prayag Murawala, Hans U. Dodt, Takato Imaizumi, Jay Shendure, Brian J. Beliveau, Michael Y. Gerner, Li Xin, Hu Zhao, Lawrence D. True, R. Clay Reid, Jayaram Chandrashekar, Hiroki R. Ueda, Karel Svoboda, Jonathan T.C. Liu

Figure extracted from Glaser et al.

Two-color super-resolution localization microscopy via joint encoding of emitter location and color. Yujie Wang, Weibing Kuang, Mingtao Shang, Zhen-Li Huang

Black Dots: Microcontact-Printed, Reference-Free Traction Force Microscopy. Kevin M. Beussman, Molly Y. Mollica, Andrea Leonard, Jeffrey Miles, John Hocter, Zizhen Song, Moritz Stolla, Sangyoon J. Han, Ashley Emery, Wendy E. Thomas, Nathan J. Sniadecki

Figure extracted from Beussman et al.

Systematic Transmission Electron Microscopy-Based Identification of Cellular Degradation Machinery. Kit Neikirk, Zer Vue, Prasanna Katti, Jianqiang Shao, Trace Christensen, Edgar Garza Lopez, Andrea Marshall, Caroline B. Palavicino-Maggio, Jessica Ponce, Ahmad Alghanem, Larry Vang, Heather K. Beasley, Taylor Rodman, Margaret Mungai, Marcelo Correia, Vernat Exil, Sandra A. Murray, Jeffrey L. Salisbury, Brian Glancy, Renata O. Pereira, E. Dale Abel, Antentor O. Hinton Jr.

Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy of 3D Orientation and Anisotropic Wobble using a Polarized Vortex Point Spread Function. Tianben Ding, Matthew D. Lew

Visualizing cellular and tissue ultrastructure using Ten-fold Robust Expansion Microscopy (TREx)
Hugo G.J. Damstra, Boaz Mohar, Mark Eddison, Anna Akhmanova, Lukas C. Kapitein, Paul W. Tillberg

Figure extracted from Damstra et al.

How to Extend the Capabilities of a Commercial Two-Photon Microscope to Perform Super-Resolution Imaging, Wavelength Mixing and Label-Free Microscopy. Chiara Peres, Chiara Nardin, Guang Yang, Fabio Mammano

Three-dimensional label-free histological imaging of whole organs by microtomy-assisted autofluorescence tomography. Yan Zhang, Lei Kang, Wentao Yu, Victor Tsz Chun Tsang, Terence T. W. Wong

Figure extracted from Zhang et al.

A technique for resolution assessment in blind-SIM experiments. Imen Boujmil, Emmanouil Xypakis, Giancarlo Ruocco, Marco Leonetti

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